Newt Gingrich Sticks With His Prior Health Insurance Mandate

Gingrich Knocks GOP Proposal for Medicare –

It’s one thing that Gingrich and the Dems seem to  have in common: the idea that people  should be forced to purchase health care insurance.

Some people can afford to be ‘self insured’, and some would agree to take the risk and accept that no one cover them if they have a turn of bad luck.   Others are covered in private, voluntary groups in which people agree to pay for each others illnesses.

What in the U.S. Constitution allows the federal government to force us to purchase something?   Maybe Newt  (the washed up one) can tell us where to find this.


We Could Have A Real American For President

The fading lamestream media would tell you that Republicans do not have strong contenders for the next presidential race. Wrong! There are a bunch of good ones, including Herman Cain, a successful American Businessman, who could easily smash the Arugula Eater in a debate. Here’s a guy who could lead America out of the economic abyss. Listen up!