Pharmacist Error, Methotrexate Dispensed to a Pregnant Woman

This story is making its way around pro-life news media because methotrexate can be used for early abortions.    Read on to get a more accurate view of why methotrexate is found in retail pharmacies,  the poor job that the media does in presenting medical stories, and an example of who the media uses as an expert for retail pharmacy practice.

A error occurred at a Safeway pharmacy in which methotrexate, a drug used for chemotherapy, treatment of severe inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, and abortions, was dispensed to a pregnant woman. It is important to understand that the usual patient who comes to a retail pharmacy for methotrexate is getting it for inflammatory conditions.  The doses are  normally a few to several 2.5mg tablets, (although larger sizes are now available), and the drug  might  come in a dose pack called Rheumatrex.    It is usually taken once per week for those conditions.

This error occurred due to mixup in which  Mareena Silva, of Ft. Lupton, CO,  received a prescription intended for another patient, supposedly with the same last name and a similar first name.

Unanswered in most news coverage is whether Silva took a  single dose of several  tablets, which is frequently characteristic of  orally administered methotrexate treatments, and is not characteristic of most oral antibiotic treatments.   The usual dose for rheumatoid arthritis is quite a bit lower than the dose to kill a human embryo.

Yet to be found is whether Ms Silva was given methotrexate rescue treatment  (leucovorin calcium,) which might conteract the assault by methotrexate upon folate metabolism to its active form, which is the basis of its toxicity to the human embryo or fetus, (and various rapidly dividing cells throughout the body).

Safeway is acknowledging their liability, and has offered to pay all medical expenses which result from this error.

Error prevention: At many retail pharmacies, scanning, name and birthdate checks are  eliminating much of the possibility of these errors, but if the two Silva prescriptions were back to back and went into wrongly tagged bags before dispensing, nothing but extensive counseling with the bag opened and drug visible would have stopped this error. We know that many patients refuse such counseling, and that often there is not time to carry out extensive counseling on the use of medications at the pharmacy.

Expert commentary: This is a job for a person with retail pharmacy experience, as well as practical clinical knowledge. The media chosen point man of the day is one “distinguished service” professor from the University of Florida, Paul Doering M.S.. (ABC news  has given his credentials incorrectly.)   Doering is NOT quoted by ABC as suggestingTHE RESCUE TREATMENT for methotrexate. As expected is the media favorite recommendation of abortion, from ABC:

“Doering, who did his master’s thesis on the drug”, [way back in  1975]  “said methotrexate is the “poster child for why certain medicines shouldn’t be used in pregnancy. It’s such a well-known and potent cause of birth defects.”

In some instances taking the drug during pregnancy warrants termination, according to Doering.

“There are downsides to that and risks,” he said. “But if it were my wife or daughter, I would recommend it.”

To exemplify the quality of drug information brought to you by media experts,   here is a blast from Paul Doering’s past  from  2006 Drug Topics magazine, which is particularly salient during the time that Planned Parenthood is being called to task  for practices related  to what Doering has been quoted as advocating.

“Pointing out that OTC Plan B will be sold only in pharmacies and in health clinics,Paul Doering M.S., Distinguished Service Professor of pharmacy practice, University of Florida College of Pharmacy, said, said, “This is one of the times the FDA has publicly acknowledged that there can be or needs to be a third class of drugs. It’s a de facto third class of drugs because you can’t get Plan B in a convenience store or a supermarket or vending machine.”

Doering is skeptical about whether women under 18 will be prevented from obtaining OTC Plan B. “There are no pill police out there to enforce things. It’s voluntary enforcement on the part of pharmacists. Someone may present false identification. If you don’t believe these things are hard to enforce, just read an article on underage drinking. The intent is good, but the so-called closed system is going to be more like a sieve with leaks.”

Doering said he’s not worried about leaks because he thinks Plan B should be available for 14- and 15-year-olds. “That’s the reality,” he said. “Keeping it behind the counter and ensuring someone is 18—I would take that as a wink and a nod. If someone has a need to get a hold of Plan B, she will.”

Pharmer is hoping that Ms. Silva is now  being offered better pharmaceutical care than is available from such media chosen experts as Paul Doering,  and that she and her unborn child are spared the consequences of this pharmacy error.

Patients  should not be afraid to call up the pharmacy and question any prescription drug  which doesn’t make sense, or has an unexplained change.

There are no infallible humans,  and we’ve only gotten infallible proclamations three times in 2 millenia from the Popes.

Live Action Sting Number Six, New York Planned Parenthood

New from Live Action…… Planned Parenthood Video number six.

In this film, the Bronx, NY, planned parenthood  employee recommends that the Pimp could act as guardian of his underage sex workers. She states that girls as young as 13 can come in on their own to get treatment.

A practitioner also appears on this film, explaining that language and immigration status  is no barrier to obtaining “insurance”  (public funding)  for  treatment.

Media Malpractice Regarding the Pro-Life March in Washington Continues

Abortion Rights Opponents Rally in Washington.

Fox News gives pathetic coverage of the rally,  purposely eliminating the fact that it has become largely fueled by the efforts of pro-life YOUTH, who register to the right of their elders on this issue.  If you watch Fox’s abominable video, you will see the term anti-choice used instead of pro-life, and no young people interviewed on the pro-life side.

‘Tens of thousands’, instead of  ‘hundreds of thousands’ is falsely used for the um-teenth year in a row to misrepresent the crowd size of the pro-lifers.

Yes, it’s true……. Fox News is little better than the rest of them on this issue.

It’s why you come here…….. to the internet to get your news, instead of watching the networks.

You might wish to head to the European press for coverage of this rally and the Obama State of the Union Show, for some information from people with less of an axe to grind.

One more shot on the Pro-life issue……….. which isn’t just about abortion, you know.

The European Court of Human Rights has published  a preliminary finding that there is NO human right to assisted suicide.

Those Muslims are really turning Europe around on the life issues.  Could it be that Christians had  turned the other cheek a little too much when dealing with the issue of other people’s lives???

Media is Not Letting Go of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

It’s the anniversary weekend of Roe V Wade, the March for Life is Monday, and the media really has its hooks into Kermit Gosnell.

They’re wringing their hands over the deaths and mutilations of his female patients, and wondering how the state failed in its oversight of the action for 30 years.

Meanwhile it’s party time for Obama, who’s thrilled as can be that Roe V Wade usurped the states rights to regulate and prohibit abortion.

Obama’s schedule for the week of Jan 23rd does not include an address of the pro-lifers when they’re in town.

Washington to Hear Bill Soon Attacking Pregnancy Centers |

Washington to Hear Bill Soon Attacking Pregnancy Centers |

A bill HB1366, designed to close crisis pregnancy centers is being heard by the Washington State legislature at this time.

Very simply, the bill adds medical regulations to the crisis centers which are applicable to no other facility, and opens the centers to lawsuits filed even by those who have never visited the facilities, nor have suffered damages.

It would appear that Democrat Sen. Rodney Tom, the sponsor of last year’s attempt to pass this bill, thinks that removing free services for moms who want to keep their baby a bright idea.  Coercing more abortions, by removing the alternatives,  was  his  way to deal with the current economic crisis.

Sponsors of the current HB 1366 are representatives

Clibborn, Walsh, Appleton, Goodman, Darneille, Moeller, Green, Carlyle, Fitzgibbon, Frockt, Reykdal, Roberts, Jinkins, Pettigrew, Cody, Pedersen, Van De Wege, Liias, Jacks, Maxwell, Dickerson, Ryu, Lytton, Ormsby, Seaquist, Hasegawa, Upthegrove, McCoy, Eddy, Sells, Haigh, Springer, Hunt, Tharinger, Kenney, Santos

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The Thought of Losing all that Federal Money Caused Vanderbilt to Drop It’s Abortion Policy for Nursing Residents.

Voila! Vanderbilt drops abortion demand.

Yes…. 300 million bucks in Federal money — could have been held back from Vanderbilt had it continued using its application form, which was worded in such a way to prevent pro-life nurses from applying to its women’s health care track.

That, and the publicity provided by the Alliance Defense fund and allied pro-lifers was a bit much for the school.  This news was all over the place

Vanderbilt’s application letter has been modified so that it no longer contains the demand of nurses to provide care for women who are undergoing  abortions.

Vanderbilt has been trying to save face by claiming that the letter didn’t really mean to coerce participation  in the abortions themselves.    (Experienced health care professionals know that it would have.)

Nursing residents should expect a hostile work environment from those who run the woman’s health care track inside of Vanderbilt, since they are the origin of that application form.  They will not like having had to modify it,  likely at the behest of those higher up, who could not stand this publicity, nor the thought of losing the federal grants.

Any overtly pro-life health care professional will experience some form of negative backlash in  the majority of health care institutions.

People who know they should have stood up for the sanctity of human life  often  resent those who actually do.  You’ll find some of these people in surprising places.

It doesn’t matter that Vanderbilt’s woman’s health division of the nursing school has rescinded its demand.   Pro-life nurses who enter there might want to keep a lawyer on their speed dial.

Thanks to the Alliance Defense fund for attending to the Vanderbilt case, and for sharing this information.

Life News Keeps Obama’s Pro Abortion Scorecard.

Life News keeps a running tally of Obama’s pro-abortion activity which is worth keeping an eye on.  Use it to remind your buddies that Obama remains the most abortion-loving politician who has ever served at the national level.  This tally will remain linked on the side bar to the right, for your reference.   Pass it around!

Obama’s pre presidential record remains at Born Alive Truth, which chronicles the history of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.  That’s worth archiving also.  The records were mirrored at the PFLI website also.

Washington Board Won’t Protect Pro-Life Pharmacists in Rules |

via Washington Board Won’t Protect Pro-Life Pharmacists in Rules |

Not unexpected is the Washington Board of Pharmacy’s refusal to  amend regulations  in order to allow a latitude of practice for pharmacists who choose not to participate in killing humans.

The pro-aborts cite worries that rural people will not have easy  access to abortive chemicals.   In reality they lack concern that the rural populations have any pharmacists at all, to provide healing, pharmaceutical care.

Prepare for the Brave New  Post-Obama World.

More and more, veterinarians, and EMT or paramedics  will be needed to assist the rural populations who completely lose access to  pharmacist, physician and nursing care because of these, and other restrictive policies of Obamacare.  Young people should consider this in choosing their career paths.  Study  Chemistry.

It is good to see more sophisticated imaging and technology being utilized in veterinary medicine.   Significant, cash-only health care  business will be opened  up in the farming communities.  Antibiotic producers  might  spring up amid the meth labs. Any good brewery can assist with raw materials.

Bear in mind that one reason for Janet Napolitano to be taking up  the environmental  cause within her umbrella of authority, is to detect to the energy use required for rural production of health care essentials. It is also reason for the new interest in FDA regulation of food production on farms.

People can learn a great deal from the Chinese regarding these kinds of matters.  How have they grown up capitalism beneath the restrictive communist government?  The immigrant communities of the U.S. are  another source  of information on how to  provide  health and dental  care to the underserved, under the table.