Union Protest for our Highest Paid Teachers.

RebelPundit & EAGnews.org Interview Chicago Teachers Union Members on Veteran’s Day | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Chicago can’t really afford to pay the highest teacher salaries in the U.S., and so there are rumors of school closings. This brought out protesters on Veterans Day. None of the people shown in this gathering for the Chicago teachers union would admit to being teachers to interviewer Jeremy Segal of Rebel Pundit. Note: EAG stands for Education Action Group, a reform group based in Michigan.
The film highlights various protesters who are known socialist and communist activists.

Do We Have Room to Criticize?

This video is said to be of a four month old baby who is claimed to have been tortured to death by Syrian forces suppressing those who protest against Bashir Assad.

At The Blaze there is more coverage of the conflicts, with a good deal of commentary about the barbarity of people who torture babies.  The Daily Mail tells of a large dump of films on YouTube and social media, coming from the protesters.   Many of the commenters there  are skeptical of the  films’ content.

Considering the manner in which the unborn and sometimes newborn babies are killed in the U.S., are we in a position to be castigating the Syrians?

Money Talks .. Notre Dame Drops Charges against Pro-life Protesters

Charges dropped against anti-abortion Notre Dame commencement protesters – WSBT-TV.

It was a significant problem in the funding department for Notre Dame to be criminally prosecuting pro-life protesters who objected to the Pro-Abortion Extremist, Obama being honored at Notre Dame and giving a commencement speech.

It seems that efforts such as the one to Replace Jenkins have had their effect on funding for the university.