If You Still Haven’t Had Enough of the Girl Scouts

This will bolster your confidence in the  Girl Scouts organization, which helps to bring up the girls of America.

You might have encountered Josh Ackley in his day job as spokes-person and public relations face of the Girl Scouts of America.  Austin Ruse at Breitbart.com is telling all about Josh’s night job, however.  Ackley has  had a little hiatus from his music career with the Dead Betties,  a band of the “homo-punk” or “homo-core” genre, under the stage name Joshua Starr.

Learn more about the Dead Betties  in a book which follows the rise of “Queer Rock”, or a video called Hellevator, uploaded to Youtube on September 18,2007, currently with 4188 views, and Pharmer is not linking it.

You’ll be comforted to know that Josh has brought the Dead Betties back together, and they performed on Nov 30 in New York.   O Goodie!  They’re putting out another album, (No Love Lost,) and are shopping for a label to accept it.

100questionsforthegirlscouts.org,  which now has 117 questions, is an exhaustive reference detailing the reasons that would prevent most Americans from choosing the Girl Scouts program as an extra curricular activity for their girls.  Question 14 and question 89 address Joshua Ackley’s function within the organization and supplies this profile, which is excerpted below.

Joshua Ackley's Dead Betties Band, profiled at 100questionsforthe girlscouts.org
Joshua Ackley’s Dead Betties Band, profiled at 100questionsforthe girlscouts.org

Here’s a screenshot of Ackley’s profile page at the Girl Scouts Blog, and below is a screen shot from the blog itself.

Joshua Ackley Girl Scouts Blog

joshua ackleys girl scout blog.girlscouts.org

Dead Betties at Wikipedia

Different Justice for Leftist Elites, vs Common Folk

Andrew K.  Despres was expelled from Fitchburg State University for possession of pot  and what is said to be other minor infractions.  Subsequent to this, he misbehaved,  by going, without permission, into the school grounds to collect his belongings.  This  caused police to finally notice his punked out, fake .308  Ammo Belt, and throw him into jail.

It will take  the Fitchburg cops a good while to figure out that the ‘fashion’  ammo belts are very fake and don’t have primers and powder.  People can get them at punk/emo stores such as Hot Topics, or on Ebay.  While  supposed “ballistics testing” is done  to determine that the ammo is totally non-functional,  Despres is held in jail, pending someone in his family selling off something big to make $ 50,000 bail. 

By contrast, David Gregory, certifiable member of the Elite Leftist Class, is probably going to skate, though he violated Washington DC law by possessing and displaying a large capacity ammo magazine on his show, Meet the Press.  This upper class leftie  even had prior warning from law enforcement not to show the magazine.  Expect Gregory to not even have to pay a fine for breaking one of the types  of gun ban that he  advocated on his show. 

This is just one more example of the difference between the Little People of America and the Elite class, with respect to application of the law.   Look for increased disparity in Obama’s Amerika.

Update:  Despres spent a week in jail before his bond was reduced to $500 dollars.    David Gregory is said to have gone on vacation.

Update……. Yep, David Gregory was excused by the D.C. attorney general, Irvin Nathan.  He’s above the law, like so many other lefties.