Dr. Bernard Nathanson R.I.P.

Dr Bernard Nathanson, the last surviving founder of NARAL, who later renounced abortion practice, has passed on at age 84.   The irrefutable evidence of ultrasonography, made available in the 1970s,   helped Dr. Nathanson to find his right mind,  causing him to spend the last half of his life as a pro-lifer.  He produced the Silent Scream, and Eclipse of Reason videos to convince  others of what he had come to understand from a  physical and medical standpoint. Among his writings on the topic are the books, ” Aborting America” and “The Abortion Papers”.

During this pro-life  portion of his life,  Nathanson, once an atheist, began to address the spiritual matters as well.   After a good bit of searching, he  was assimilated into Catholicism in 1996. (…. resistance is Futile.)

‘WRTolkas’, over at CNS news, connected John Newton and Bernard Nathanson, and that makes really good sense.  Listen up.

Prayers for Dr. Nathanson and his loved ones.

Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, Surgeon and Pro-Life Luminary, R.I.P.

This great lady never needed a teleprompter!! Get your pro-life history lesson.

HLI and Pro-lifers everywhere mourn the passing, (Oct, 16th 2010) of Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, one of the founders and past presidents of the National Right to Life Committee .   This distinguished lady was pro-life before the beginning.  She organized the Pro-life movement in Massachusetts before Roe V Wade,  and so was a natural choice (3 x president) to lead the national movement.  Dr. Jefferson was the first Black American woman to graduate from Harvard medical school, into a  distinguished career as a general surgeon.

R.I.P.  Dr. Mildred Jefferson.