Alfonzo Rachel: “Told You So”

Pharmer doesn’t mind this “I Told You So”, from ZO since she concurred with his preference of Herman Cain to Mitt Romney.

The republicans are always letting the left choose their candidates, and accepting the resultant losses.

The Mainstream Media Finally Noticed The Disproportionately High Abortion Rate Among Black Women

Their first coverage of what Black Pro-lifers placed before them for Years, is an attempt to claim that Blacks are being used by the Pro-life movement to push our horrible agenda against killing.

Tanya M Acker blogs at CNN  that Black women don’t need help from the pro-lifers who have reported  for decades  that American Blacks are aborting at a vastly higher rate than Whites.  It’s worth giving her commentary a read, before proceeding to  the reply Pharmer  offered on that site, and below:

Both breast cancer and fetal mortality ( loss of subsequent children due to prematurity) are linked to abortion.
This might help to explain the higher incidence this author cites among Blacks.

Almost half of Black children are aborted and Alan Guttmacher Institute has recently reported that the rate of abortion among Blacks is approaching 5 times that of Whites in the U.S.

Among sexually active teens, contraceptive failure is quite high, due to notoriously imperfect compliance. and pregnancy is a  usual result within a few years.   The incidence of unplanned pregnancy and abortion in the college years are  also astronomically high. Truly, most of planned parenthood’s services become abortion related. Abby Johnson, former director of a planned parenthood clinic, informs us that this is by design. There is pressure from above to drum up more of the profitable abortion business.

The author appears to concur with Margaret Sanger that abortion is “needed” by the lower income and the minority women, hence there is approval of the location of clinics primarily in urban areas.

The assumption that abortion is most often a “freely made choice” for a woman suggests a disconnect with reality. Do women choose to be under the pressure of bad social and economic circumstances such that they feel a need to kill their unborn child?
Where are these women who have FREELY CHOSEN to kill their own offspring prior to, during, or shortly after birth?

Among abortion supporters there’s a vacillation between presenting abortion as a sad thing that some women feel they have to do, and the above suggestion that it’s just a freely taken option, (a walk in the park, no big deal).

There’s also the suggestion that Black pro-lifers who brought up this disparity decades ago, to be ignored by all except the pro-life news media, are being paternalistic. Or even the recognition from the rest of pro lifers that something is wrong with this, is considered paternalistic. In the same article is the suggestion that Blacks NEED to be CARED FOR in so many other ways, by the government, but attention to this abortion disparity, and the health problems it brings, should be ignored.

Who is being paternalistic? What good have governments done for any of the peoples, around the world, whom they have taken under the wing and to whom they have provided “care” ?