Celestial Discharge: The Iron Lady


Thatcher 1982
Thatcher at 1982 Conservative Convention

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, and a special pal of Ronald Reagan,  has passed away today, after a stroke, at the age of 87. 

Where did she get that nickname, the Iron Lady?    The Russians gave it to her….. and she is said to have liked it.

Thatcher and Reagan
Best Buddies

Baroness Thatcher leaned a bit to the right, particularly on fiscal matters, and on the role of government. From the European point of view, she was a right wing extremist.

Brought up as a Methodist, and later leaning Anglican,   Thatcher was not in the same camp as your friendly Pharmer, on the social issues, but this interview,  gives a good inside look at her views, both personal and political, on a wide range of topics.

Saying goodbye to her friend
Saying goodbye to her friend

Prayers and respect for a strong lady who, even after her passing, is still driving the lefties crazy.

Just Letting Those RNC Folks Know……

Possibly the Harvard graduates at the Republican National Committee are not smart enough to understand that if you shrink the birth rate to below replacement rate, there won’t be enough people to support the elderly, and society will switch to a plan of denying health care and other support in order to conserve resources. On the other hand, it might be that they have the same plan for our elderly, disabled, and very young as the democrats do. The birth rate in 2011 is as low as ever recorded in the U.S. That announcement comes from the CDC’s data for 2011.
During the time leading up to the election, your friendly Pharmer was busy, and had no time for the RNC. She was too busy sending donations to the candidates they threw under the bus, among the myriad other work, domestic and political activities.
Soo, yours truly decided to drop an opinion at their site today. It’s short and sweet.

Mr. Priebus et al,

Social policy is intertwined with fiscal policy inextricably. Much of the reason for the debt crisis, to which the republicans paid lip service, is due to population demographics. It’s a conservative estimate that over a hundred million Americans are NOT here due to the propensity of people for killing their offspring prior to birth. If you were wondering how to fix social security and medicare, please get a clue.
I was practically born a republican, and proudly 1st-voted for Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter. The RNC does not want me or my kind in the party. We do not fit the agenda. After the RNC violated Reagan’s 11 commandment by throwing pro-life candidates under the bus for incorrect phraseology, it became clear that it’s time for me to move on. I donated to the candidates whom you tossed out.
I am a blogger, public speaker, and health care professional, I am no longer Republican, and am taking as many people to tea-party with me as I can.