Racist Reid Does It Again

He doesn’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could vote republican. If you’re Hispanic, you’re all supposed to think one way…..and wait for handouts from the Democrats. That’s our Harry Reid… tired of him yet?

Sixty Minutes exhibits collective Palin Derangement Syndrome

In their segment on the hottest new Politics book, Game Change, CBS 60 Minutes failed to mention the hottest news…….. the racially charged comment made by Harry Reid.
This omission has become a fairly big topic of conversation among those who bother to watch television. Our pals at Newsbusters.org, who wear rubber gowns and masks while dutifully monitoring the media for us, reveal the Sixty Minutes verdict regarding who has the most influence on American life.

Yes, that’s right. The CBS spokesman told Fox News Correspondent Eric Shawn, that the 60 Minutes could not cover the Harry Reid comment in their story on Game Change. They had time only to cover the people who most affect thecountry.

Here is the 60 Minutes scorecard concerning who most affects Americans… based on the time allotted:

Clinton– –1:30
Obama—- 0:58
Reid———– 0

Enough said!