Chick-Fil-A Lines on Appreciation Day

You can click on the photo gallery below to see a collection of crowded Chick-Fil-A restaurants on Aug 1. Americans are responding to a statement that Chick-Fil-A does not represent Chicago values, and efforts to prevent restaurants from being opened there and in Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.
All over the U.S. the 1600 Chick-Fil-A restaurants have been enjoying booming business, and even some referrals from competing fast food places, on this  Appreciation Day.

WLS 890AM Photo Gallery.

Click here for some Commentary at Hillbuzz concerning the Tamminator’s pilgrimage to Chick-Fil-A at the University of Minnesota. The place was packed despite school being in summer session, and massive construction occurring outside. The Tamminator, who believes in the First Amendment, sez: “Freedom is delicious!”

Larry Brinkin, S.F. Gay Rights Icon, Arrested on Child Porn Charges – San Francisco News – The Snitch

Larry Brinkin, S.F. Gay Rights Icon, Arrested on Child Porn Charges – San Francisco News – The Snitch.

A sixty six year old gay rights pioneer, Larry Brinkin, was arrested on Friday, and his computers and software were seized by cops. It seems that his AOL email account had received, and shown return commentary on kiddie porn. It also showed emails sent from Brinkin’s formerly held city email account.

More at t=The Blaze.

She’s BAAAAAACK- Gloria Allred Competes for Jerry Springer Award

Celebrity Lawyer Gloria Allred and her Batboy  Fight Homophobia.

Remember Gloria Allred?  She’s the whacked out Lawyer who appreciated her TSA pat down. It was the most fun she’d had in years.

We know something’s wrong with Gloria, but there’s also something wrong with this San Francisco dad going all out to make sure his  little daughters never forget  the gross thing  ( Braves’  pitching coach misbehaving at a baseball game)  about which he has lodged his legal complaint.    A  Jerry Springer award is always conferred for something  nastaaay, so be forewarned if you click on the above link, and follow to the videos.