Kathleen Sebelius Demands Investigation Into Her Own Website

The very disengaged  HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is calling for an investigation into her own failed Obamacare website.  Media claims that this wreck is working better, but white hat hackers consider it to be a security nightmare.  (It’s a giant HIPAA violation, leaking your data to anyone who cares to look, and even to some who don’t.)

She is asking her inspector general to look into the contracting process, management, performance and payment issues that caused it to be the laughingstock of the world.   Not addressed is the fact that it was launched when it was only 60 percent built.

Those who sign up are told to confirm with their insurance companies that they are actually signed to policies, after purchasing them on the site.

Perhaps Sebelius paid about as much attention to this process, as Obama, and maybe it would not have helped if Obama had visited with her more often in the White house.

Tyndale Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate in Court | LifeNews.com

Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate in Court | LifeNews.com.

Tyndale House Publishers in Illinois have obtained an injunction stopping the enforcement of Obama’s health care mandate while it’s suit against the edict and its unconstitutional penalties moves forward.
For the time being the Publisher, clients of Alliance Defending Freedom,  cannot be forced to pay for abortive drugs, and procedures for any of its employees.
U.S. District Court Opinion
Preliminary Injunction Order

Democrat National Convention: Womanhood is a Disease

You can listen to Kathleen Sebelius lie about  Obamacare, and resell to the dems, something that the majority of Americans do not want.

The most important thing to take away from her speech is the view that WOMANHOOD is a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.  A pre-existing condition is the insurance term for a DISEASE,  already present, which would not be covered under a new health insurance contract until a grace period had passed. HIPAA  regulations had pretty much removed contractual barrier to health care coverage.

The dem’s plan is focused on treating the biological characteristics of a woman as a disease.    The dems see childbearing as a thing which must be controlled and suppressed with drugs and sterilization for the purpose of cost containment.

See a clip of Sebelius’s speech at the DNC below.   Read the transcript of the speech HERE. 


Says Sebelius:  “Being a mother is no longer a liability, and being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition! That’s what change looks like.”

Unmentioned is that the necessary cost containment which comes with treating womanhood as a disease, is that the government will have control over the expression of said characteristic.

As in China, there will be the need,  for top down administration of your reproductive life.  If the government pays for it, the government will dicatate it, just as it does with everything else it controls.

Obama is rapidly shedding female votes, as more and more of them ponder the prospect of Chinese-style health care for women.  His loss of support in recent polling is almost totally accounted for by the women who are changing their minds.

Don’t for get that Sebelius views woman-hood as a pre-existing condition, which the government must manage.

Freedom isn’t free.  If  reproductive autonomy is worth the price of heath care to you,  Obama is not your man.


Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate In Effect for Businesses | TheBlaze.com

Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate Goes Into Effect | TheBlaze.com.

As of August 1, businesses are now forced to cover birth control, abortion and sterilizations for free, according to the Obama Health and Human Services Mandate.

Those business owners who oppose any of the above have been stripped of their First Amendment Right of religious freedom.

One exception has been made for the Catholic owned business,  Hercules Industries which sued in Colorado  for exemption from the mandate, while its lawsuit is being considered.

Two other lawsuits have been dismissed, on technical issues rather than on the merits of the cases.

Now Obamacare Faces the Religious Freedom Challenges

Becket Fund’s HHS Mandate Challenge | Becket Fund.

There are dozens of federal lawsuits based upon the violations of human rights, that are expressed in the Sebelius HHS Mandate of Obamacare. At issue is its funding of birth control, sterilization and abortion, by forcing people to pay for it in violation of their religion. Obamacare also provides these services to minors without parental consent. Alliance Defense Fund has a fact sheet explaining these aspects of Obamacare.

The Colson center outlines the coming legal challenges to Obamacare in an article HERE.

In addition to religious affiliated organizations, private businesses owned by people of conscience are also filing suit against the Obamacare mandate, for example, O’Brien Industrial Holdings, LLC, represented by the American Center for Law and Justice.

Obama Extends HHS Mandate, Sneaks News Out on Friday

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air is pointing out that insurance companies have not jumped for joy at the new birth control, abortion, and sterilization mandate that Obama is forcing on them. They know that it’s not really revenue neutral, especially up front, when they have to fork over one hundred percent of the costs. The supposed savings by preventing pregnancies are theoretical. Consider also that the pill induces conditions in women which require more medical attention: metabolic disorders and thromboembolic events, among others. No insurance companies have indicated an expectation of savings from Obama’s mandate.
The Hill brings up the point that no insurance coverage is free. The final cost is always coming from the total benefits package offered to the employee. If health insurance costs more, then less salary is offered.
There is also the issue of self insured employers. Many Catholic institutions are self insured, and one of the reasons for this originally could have been to avoid taking part in larger insurance pools that covered services which are not in line with Catholic teaching. Another reason would be cost containment.

THe HHS is is overturning doctrines of more than one Religion with this mandate. It might take a bit of time for the full response to come in.
Insurance companies are wondering what new unfunded mandates Obama will be imposing on them.

Tina Korbe has announced the St Patrick’s day/ March madness document dump from the White House. There is the advance notice of proposed rule making on preventative services policy quietly slipped out on Friday night when no one is looking. You should have heard about this in normal news venues so that you could have an opportunity to comment on the HHS rules expanding the mandate for coverage of birth control, abortion, and sterilizations.
Obama and Sebelius really don’t want to consider your opinions, and this is the reason for dribbling out the news when everyone is ready for a party weekend.
Yes the expanded mandate will cover Sandra Fluke’s apparent wild sex life at the university. Student insurance will be required, that offers free birth control, abortions and sterilizations. The Universities will of course have to cover the insurance and pass the costs to the students as part of tuition and fees.

Certain Preventative Services under the Health Care Act (extending birth control mandate)

Obamacare “fact” sheet.

Buying Sandra Fluke’s birth control.

Where you will go to Comment. Bring your rule number with you.

Blagojevich’s Last Day of Freedom | NBC Chicago

Blagojevich's Last Day of Freedom | NBC Chicago.

Blagojevich is remembered for his governor’s edict to force Illinois pharmacists to dispense ALL birth control drugs without delay, regardless of clinical (e.g. thromboembolic considerations) or conscientious (e.g. abortifacient properties) objections. Perhaps Obama and Sebelius, who are imposing more extreme mandates on insurance companies, and the health care industry, will eventually obtain a similar opportunity for meditation and reflection as has been afforded to Rod Blagojevich.

Obama Administration Sued, Made New Hampshire Fund Planned Parenthood | LifeNews.com

Obama Admin Sued, Made New Hampshire Fund Planned Parenthood | LifeNews.com.

New Hampshire cancelled a 1.8 million dollar grant to planned parenthood, due to concerns that part of that money would be supporting the abortion portion of their business.

Obama decided to make up for this by granting a 1 million dollar replacement with your federal tax dollars.   This was funded through cuts in funding to neighboring health care providers.  In addition, this money was provided without the usual process of allowing other agencies to compete for the grant.

New Hampshire Right to Life has been looking into this unusual million dollar grant, and is suing the Sebelius HHS, because this very ‘opaque’ agency refused its Freedom of Information  request for information.

The Obama administration has also opposed a Texas attempt to defund planned parenthood.

Indiana is fighting the HHS threat to defund its other health programs because of the state’s decision to defund the country’s largest abortion provider.

The answer is:  YES your federal tax dollars are being used to fund abortion.  Obama is fulfilling his promise to keep ABORTION at the center of his health care program.

As Pharmer Deals with Young Female Stroke and DVT Patients Who Have Been On the Pill..

Insurers must cover birth control with no copays – Yahoo! News.

Yes, the Obama administration considers the pill to be more necessary for women than all other drugs, so it must be covered by insurance companies with NO COPAY.

Sebelius is supposedly offering an out for religious institutions which have objection to the pill,  but who in their right mind  would expect that to last?

We pack the hormones in special safe handling packages for dispensing, because the World Health Organization rates them as a carcinogen, and the Obamanators think that all women of reproductive age need these things.  Pharmer is less worried about the cancer, and more worried about the thrombotic events and metabolic disorders, as well as thinking that women should not be chemically  altered to control the rate of reproduction.  The hormones also bear the possibility of ethically unacceptable mechanisms of action- causing the deaths of early human embryos.

Gurls,  we are going to have to JUST SAY “NO” TO DRUGS, and learn how to time the baby making  to the size of the ability to raise them using safer, natural means.