Dr. Suzanna Hupp Reminds Us How A Massacre is Stopped

Dr. Suzanna Hupp lost her parents in the Luby massacre in Texas in 1991, and has been a concealed carry advocate ever since.  She unfortunately had not been carrying on the fateful day she was in the restaurant with her parents.   The video below (a classic!) is her original testimony before Congress  a couple of years after the event.    Go HERE to see a C-span video of her more recent testimony this past Monday. 


Jessie Duff’s Gun Lesson for Voters

Watch as This Woman Proves She Knows More About Guns & Marksmanship Than You (Probably) Ever Will | Video | TheBlaze.com.

After you watch this, you’ll know much more about guns than most of your politicians who presume to regulate them.   The major take home point is that the proposed legislation will have more effect on  guns which shoot small caliber bullets, and not those which would clean out a room, or put a huge hole in a target.  Obviously the regulations are not intended for protection.  Overall, the government wants to remove access to the guns which are easiest for smaller people to manipulate and shoot accurately.