NYT and WAPO Find Planned Parenthood School Sex Ed Too Shocking for Their Readers

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post refused ads from the American Life League which contained images from Planned Parenthood’s sex ed for grade school kids.   The material in question is targeted for kids as young as 10 years old, yet the two leftie papers refused ads with the excuse that sample material was too shocking for their adult readers.

These two fading news rags are big Planned Parenthood supporters, yet they seem not to approve of the sex ed programs that the abortion giant is bringing into American primary schools.  The Washington post found the images too graphic.   The New York Times would only run the ads if the American Life League would blur the images which are used to teach our 10 year old kids.

Do you want to see the stuff which the WaPo and NYT think is too shocking for public viewing??  They are gross, but it might be good for you to know that your tax dollars are being used to show really graphic stuff to sexualize  your kids, and a teacher can get fired for refusing to cooperate.   Click here for a sample at HookingKids. 

ALL wants you to visit StopPlannedParenthood.com  for more info on how to protest the use of this garbage to pollute American children.

Planned Parenthood Created Indiana Girl Scouts Sex Ed Program.

Planned Parenthood Created Indiana Girl Scouts Sex Ed Program | TheBlaze.com.

Beautiful Bloomington* was the academic home of A.C. Kinsey, that kinky professor who messed with his students and called it sex research. It’s not a surprise that this bright blue leftie place would also allow a planned unparenthood sex educator to design a program to get their little girl scouts busy earlier in life.

The Blaze was a bit equivocal in its last coverage of the involvement of Indiana Rep. Bob Morris, who expressed his disgust at the connection of planned parenthood and Girl Scouts of America. It seems that they’ve amassed enough solid evidence that they’re willing to commit themselves and say yes, the two really are connected.

Indiana Right to Life spotted a little detail about the development of a sex ed program for the girl scouts of Bloomington, and 12 surrounding counties.

Leftie city of Bloomington Awarded Ann Reece posthumous recognition as follows:
“Lifetime Contribution Award winner Anne Reese was nominated posthumously by Carol McCord, Barbara Light, Kathryn Brown and Judy Klein. Anne’s career started with Planned Parenthood in Bloomington where she worked for many years as a health and sexuality educator, and helped initiate the Family Life Education program for Girl Scouts ages five to 18 throughout a twelve-county area”

Learn more about why planned parenthood is not the preferred sex educator for normal people HERE and HERE.

*Bloomington, Indiana  stands out as the only place, so far, where Pharmer was threatened with arrest (on the campus of Indiana University) for speaking at a prolife students meeting. It’s just that nutty.

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris Calls Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris Calls Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized’ | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Bob Morris, Republican State Rep. From Fort Wayne, Indiana has been catching heat for noticing the relationship between Girl Scouts of America and Planned Parenthood. Pharmer would like to acknowledge his valid comments and decision to pull his daughters out of GSA. There are more family friendly alternatives available.

Pharmer’s daughter was not permitted to join, since this relationship between the two organizations has been long standing. It’s a policy endorsed at the top of the organization, as you can see from this video.

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