Sex Selection Abortion Comes to the UK

The UK telegraph had uncovered a sex selection abortion scandal in Great Britain, and revealed it with the assumption that such practices are illegal.  However, the Crown Prosecution Service is refusing to charge the two doctors who were found to be agreeing to abort babies because they were GIRLS.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has put forth a memorandum explaining the decision not to prosecute, and the British Medical Association is advising doctors that “there may be circumstances in which termination of pregnancy on the grounds of fetal sex would be lawful”.

The UK is allowing sex selection abortions.  Chalk up another big victory for those whacko feminazis.

Mumbai: Supreme Court Rejects Bail for Sex Selective Abortionists

No bail hope for 6 months for foeticide doctor: Supreme Court – The Times of India.

Dr Sudam Munde and his wife Dr. Saraswati Munde have botched a late term abortion and killed both patients while on bail for sex selective abortions.

Varsha Deshpande, India’s version of Lila Rose, had busted the abortionists for their operation to selectively abort girls.  The couple had been out on bail, but this was revoked due to the illegal abortion they committed in May, which killed the mother, Vijaymala Patekar, as well as her baby.

The Supreme Court in Mumbai has denied Munde’s subsequent bail application, and ruled that he cannot attempt another application for six months.

Varsha Deshpande has learned the codes used by the sonography industry to get around the laws of India against  sex selection abortions.  She’s conducted 34 sting operations of sex selective abortionists and sonographers since 2005, and has just recently put up her own website. 

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How Planned Parenthood “Helps” Women -Live Action Films

by KILLING their unborn little girls.

Here it is…… Planned Parenthood, Austin Texas, and there is no mistake about the assistance being given to this woman, to abort at five months if the baby is a girl, and try again immediately for a boy. Lady Shredder, “Rebecca”, might be obtaining some gratification in recommending a late term abortion, to be sure it is actually a girl who will be torn up.

You knew it was coming…… after the latest discussion of sex selection abortions, and Planned Parenthood’s paranoia that they were going to be stung by Live Action concerning their sex selection abortions. By the time planned parenthood gets that feeling, it’s already too late.

The definition of equal rights for women, in the minds of our feminazis is to be able to kill unborn girls, because they’d prefer a preponderance of boys. It’s Stockholm syndrome by proxy. It must be a severe and insidious kind of abuse which has twisted their brains into pretzels.

The ultimate control of women is exhibited by getting them to preferentially kill girls and call it women’s rights.

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