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Dem Rep Pens Novel with Graphic Rape Scene, Character Says Rape Prevents ‘Inbreeding’.

Have you heard a media stir or outcry from the feminazis  concerning a theory on the evolutionary advantages of rape?

The idea (not new) put forth by Dem Representative Jerry McNerney, who serves California’s Central Valley, is that rape is a means to prevent inbreeding.  A minor character is introduced in his novel to investigate a brutal rape.  The character suggests that men increased in size due to evolutionary pressures which allowed them to take women sexually by force, thereby preventing inbreeding.

The media focuses on the Republican idea that rape is not an excuse to kill an innocent third party, yet ignore these kinds of oddities coming from the left.

Nothing to see here???

Enter the Third Level

Pharmer thinks the Democrat’s theory might not hold up in THIS CASE, in which a custodial parent is charged with sexual abuse of the 14 year old girl in his care. It depends on the actual relationship of Biden’s secret service agent, the alleged perpetrator, to the adolescent victim, which is not yet apparent.


Planned Parenthood Forced to Settle Suit, Failed to Report Child Rape |

Planned Parenthood Forced to Settle Suit, Failed to Report Child Rape |

After seven long years, Denice Fairbanks has won a settlement from Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio. Her suit against the abortion provider included charges of covering up rape, and sexual abuse of a minor, and failure to report these things to authorities as the law demands. Ms. Fairbanks had been abused by her father from age 13, was impregnated, and was taken to Planned Parenthood for an abortion at age 16. Though she told the staff that she was being forced to have sex, she was offered no assistance and the abuse was not reported to authorities. She was returned to her father, and the abuse continued until a H.S. instructor was told, and reported the crimes.

Life Legal Defense Foundation and attorney Brian Hurley represented Fairbanks in the suit against Planned Parenthood. As expected, the size of the award is not announced, but Pharmer hopes it is H U G E.

Should a Priest Who Has Admitted Child Molestation Get A Better Lawyer Than Parishioners Could Afford?

Catholic priest accused of drunkenly fondling Woodburn boy hires A-list attorney |

The Archdiocese of Portland has given a loan to Fr. Angel Armando Perez, to hire a top defense lawyer, Marc Blackman.  His fees are said to start at $50,000

Perez has admitted to sexual wrongdoing with a 12 year old boy, who escaped the situation, and was chased down the street by the priest. Neighbors took the boy to safety.

Parishioners are shocked by the news.

Time for some house cleaning in Portland.  They need to practice budgetary restraint.