Nicholas G. Hahn Learns about the Lamestream Media from Herman Cain

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Herman Cain has been addressing the sexual misconduct charges which were employed to smear him during his presidential campaign.

Like Clarence Thomas, he got the high tech lynching from the media and less conservative politicians, to eliminate him from the race.   (Cain would have trounced Obama had he won the Republican primaries, so he had to be taken out quickly.) He will be publishing an column addressing the issue soon, and gave Nicholas G. Hahn, of Real Clear Religion, a preview.

Gloria Allred’s client, Sharon Bialek supposedly had submitted affidavits to corroborate her story that Cain groped her over 10 years prior to the campaign.  The trouble is that those affidavits can be found NO-where.  ( If any readers can produce them, please put a link in the comments. )  Hahn notes that the media failed to pursue these accusations with due diligence.

Cains stated that Ginger White lost a libel suit in court after the end of his  campaign.  His first, anonymous accuser’s charges against him had been dismissed.  He attributes the attack on his good name to the Devil.   It would appear that Cain recognizes a personified force  to which the Democrat party is connected. ;-).

Even if the allegations about Cain were all true….. NO one has accused Cain of rape.  In fact, Bialek stated that he was able to take “No” for an answer, and delivered her safely  to her hotel.  How UNLIKE Bill Clinton, the hero of the Democrat party, who has many accusations of gross sexual imposition, and two credible accusations of rape leveled against him.

The Herman Cain Compendium Down on the Pharm.

Female Attendance Down at TAM, the Annual Atheists Meeting

Religion News Service | Culture | Gender & Sexuality | Do atheists have a sexual harassment problem?.

There is conjecture about the reasons for a relative reduction in female attendance at the annual TAM gathering of skeptics. This year, women only comprise 31 percent of the 1200 attendees, compared to 40 percent at last years meeting. Reasons given range from the declining economy to typically female duties as caregivers. Men outnumber females in the Atheist or skeptic category, but it appears that the disparity might be increasing.

Another possible reason for the reduced attendance, judging from the gossip at online forums and blogs are reports of sexual harassmen, sexism and unwanted touching at the meetings. This has led to the institution of sexual harassment policies in various skeptic associations, and pressure on the TAM leadership to do the same. TAM has hired an outside consultant to address matters of sexual harassment.

New Woman Accusing Herman Cain Of Sexual Harassment Hires Gloria Allred | Radar Online

New Woman Accusing Herman Cain Of Sexual Harassment Hires Gloria Allred | Radar Online.

Gloria Allred is coming forth with a woman who wants to complain about Herman Cain harassing her.

To put the woman and her choice of lawyers in perspective, get to know  the very whacko Gloria Allred.   She said she liked it when she was groped by the TSA.  It was the closest thing to sex she had experienced in a long while.  Gloria also competed vigorously for the Jerry Springer award with THIS case of the explicit display from a Braves pitching coach.

Gloria is also famous for the Meg Whitman, illegal alien employee incident,  abusing her own client,  the housekeeper as a means to politically smear Whitman.

Kathleen Willey (a grope victim of Bill Clinton) was subpoenaed to testify in 1997 by the attorneys in the Paula Jones Case. Listen HERE to an interview of her comparing the media response to her and Paula Jones in the Clinton sexual imposition cases, vs the treatment of the women who are making vague harassment claims against Herman Cain.
Here’s Sharon Bialek’s public statement accusing Herman Cain.

Sharon Bialek claims to be a Republican teapartier, who has ostensibly hired an staunch ideological opponent, Gloria Allred to represent her.
Allred opposes Bialek on the issue of groping, and opposes the Teaparty on myriad other issues.

Cain’s campaign has issued a flat denial, calling Bialek’s claims “bogus”. Pharmer finds Bialek’s claimed affiliations, and her story to be implausible. Most women do not ask their sexual attacker to drive them back to their hotel. None of Clinton’s victims ever told a story like that.