Daily Mail: Cain Accuser’s Rocky Financial Past

Murky past of Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek starts to emerge | Mail Online.

Sharon Bialek needs to get instruction on how to work for a living.  It seems that she has a hard time getting and keeping a job.   For several years,  she has been dating Mark Harwood,  who admits to supporting her so she can take care of her 13 year old son. See Update below.

A possible clue as to how she obtained contact with the lawyer of her dreams:  she lives in the same building as David Axelrod.  However,  researchers have discovered that the David Axelrod listed as attorney in one of Bialek’s many lawsuits is a different guy.

Will we find any Cain accusers who have absolutely zero personal connection with Obama? Probably not.

It is painfully obvious that the U.S. media has a much different attitude when a Black man is accused of sexual harassment, than when a White man is accused of sexual impositions, and rapes. Apparently they believe that this behavior is more excusable for a White man and he should be given the benefit of the doubt. Before any actual accusations were formed against Cain, the Politico had published over a hundred stories saying that women had been made to feel uncomfortable by the candidate.

In the 1990s sexual harassment claims were made as a matter of sport.  In the later 90s the companies were beginning to recognize that many of the baseless claims were costing them much effort and good employees.  It was also found that feminist groups were much more tolerant of sexual predator politicians if they supported abortion.

It is necessary to go to the media from other countries to see some more balanced take on the treatment of candidate Herman Cain, and Pharmer suggests that you do this.

Update: More on Karen Kraushaar, (who was offended at the gesture about her height being the same as Cain’s wife). The media is a bit embarrassed that we all noticed the difference in their treatment of Cain vs that of Clinton and are starting to look at the former’s accusers. Kraushaar has a history of seeking monetary compensation for offenses to her sensibilities at work. While at the immigration service, she demanded monetary payment for what she thought was unfair treatment, not being allowed to work from home after an injury, and an offensive email circulated by a manager. Be sure to click the link to find out the type of stuff which offends Kraushaar, who does not remember asking for MONEY in connection with her complaint while working at the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Update 11/11/11: Mark Harwood clarifies things for the media: He says he is not supporting Sharon Bialek, and that he is no longer her fiance as of February 2011, when she moved out of his residence. He states that Bialek has a very good child care settlement, and works from time to time. Harwood himself is recovering from a long divorce settlement, says he financially supports his kids back in the UK, and has been let go from employment with a severance package a month ago.


Lefties: Someone Needs To Tell You How Normal People Behave

Witness: Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago – Chicago Sun-Times.

It is not normal for a woman to run after her sexual harasser or abuser and hug him, or pose for public pictures with him,.

Normal women would have a gut instinct to avoid any close contact with a person who had caused them serious personal offense and discomfort by making unwanted sexual advances.

For this reason, Sharon Bialek, the moth to the flame, will have a difficult time selling her story.

Leftists need to study the behavior of normal people in order to create a more convincing story.

The Chicago Tribute is getting to know Sharon Bialek better, and describes her as a woman presently in need of making some money, which she surely is doing now.

It also reveals that she is is not really a registered republican as Allred claimed. Says the Trib:
Allred described her client as a “registered Republican,” though Bialek does not have an active voter card in Illinois, election officials said. The state does not allow voters to register by party, but records show she pulled a GOP ballot in the 2008 primary