Just Letting Those RNC Folks Know……

Possibly the Harvard graduates at the Republican National Committee are not smart enough to understand that if you shrink the birth rate to below replacement rate, there won’t be enough people to support the elderly, and society will switch to a plan of denying health care and other support in order to conserve resources. On the other hand, it might be that they have the same plan for our elderly, disabled, and very young as the democrats do. The birth rate in 2011 is as low as ever recorded in the U.S. That announcement comes from the CDC’s data for 2011.
During the time leading up to the election, your friendly Pharmer was busy, and had no time for the RNC. She was too busy sending donations to the candidates they threw under the bus, among the myriad other work, domestic and political activities.
Soo, yours truly decided to drop an opinion at their site today. It’s short and sweet.

Mr. Priebus et al,

Social policy is intertwined with fiscal policy inextricably. Much of the reason for the debt crisis, to which the republicans paid lip service, is due to population demographics. It’s a conservative estimate that over a hundred million Americans are NOT here due to the propensity of people for killing their offspring prior to birth. If you were wondering how to fix social security and medicare, please get a clue.
I was practically born a republican, and proudly 1st-voted for Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter. The RNC does not want me or my kind in the party. We do not fit the agenda. After the RNC violated Reagan’s 11 commandment by throwing pro-life candidates under the bus for incorrect phraseology, it became clear that it’s time for me to move on. I donated to the candidates whom you tossed out.
I am a blogger, public speaker, and health care professional, I am no longer Republican, and am taking as many people to tea-party with me as I can.

Mourdock Nails Lugar with Gas Tax Ad

Did Lugar really support a one dollar per gallon gas tax?? Yes… it was an idea coming from the not-really-conservative Charles Krauthammer, which Lugar endorsed in the Washington Post. This was supposedly a tax on gas which would discourage gas usage, but would be offset by a cut in the payroll tax. Lugar claimed that every working American pays this tax.

Pharmer’s understanding is that every American, who is employed by another, pays this tax. This leaves the self employed to be screwed by the gas tax with no offset. This latter group has been abused too much by the government. Also the payroll tax is the funding vehicle for social security. Is it a good idea to raid the mechanism for paying social security (which is already in the hole) without reducing social security outlays first?

Lugar’s solution was for the government to make a sin tax for gasoline use, to discourage our dependency on oil, and to encourage fuel alternatives. Always a government tax solution for every problem …… he has been in Washington too long.

Face It: Social Issues Impinge Upon Economic Issues.

Reading the opinions of people who can’t see the big picture is sometimes inspirational.   Salvatore of Breitbart is complaining that precious Republican debate time was wasted on the social issues, for example contraception.  Pharmer unloads in response:

Most people wish not to see the connection between the social issues and the economic issues. Those politicians who address the social issues are castigated, as they address the fact that something is a bit wrong in the lives of most of their fellow humans, and often their own lives as well.  Yes, P.J. the social issues impinge directly upon the economic issues.

Pharmer is here  to remind you what abortion did to social security, for example.  It lowered the payer to payee ratio. That is a serious problem which will kill the program soon.

Contraception? The “easy” forms of birth control feed the abortion industry, because of their effect on behavior, and because of the fact that they are not nearly as effective in actual use as the purveyors claim. Many forms are also related to the social security insolvency, by the way, due to the multiple means by which they reduce overall fertility.

Back to abortion: if you can kill those with medical difficulties, there is no need to develop the means to overcome these difficulties. Medical innovation ceases and there is stagnation.
Physician assisted suicide is also an easier short term solution which suppresses medical and technological innovation.
Such stagnation leads to further depression of the economy.

Divorce is a serious social issue which reduces the economic status of the family, and wastes resources through duplication of the household. There is a need for two dwellings, double furnishings, double heating and air conditioning. Divorce is NOT GREEN. It makes Mother Earth cry.
This is just scratching the surface.

It really is time for all people to get over the trauma of their personal circumstances, and admit that addressing social issues in an intelligent way would help the economy and the environment, as well as raise people’s standard of living.
This does not mean that the government should necessarily  have its  nose in very personal  affairs, but that it should stop rewarding detrimental behavior, and stop punishing those who make the effort to live up to commitments and hold their families together.

Waaaaahhh: Adult Baby Wants Apology From Tom Coburn

Stanley Thorton Jr., who gained publicity for himself and his website when Sen. Tom Coburn used him as an example of social security waste, now wants an apology.

Still hungry for publicity, Thornton notified the Washington Times that he had been cleared of fraud by the Social Security Administration, and expects an apology from the Senator.

Thornton has had to move out of the apartment shared with Diaz, now deceased, as he lacked the funds on his own to keep up with the rent. Perhaps a bit more recognition would allow him to sell ads for baby products on his website, and get him off of SSI.

New York’s Union Death Panel

We’ve been hearing that New York city spent a much longer period locked in by snow than was necessary, due to an intentional work slowdown by protesting union workers.

A group of supervisors with the Sanitation Dept. is under media fire for partying in a van, drinking beer, next to stranded snow plows and vehicles.  Reporting that they had run out of fuel, the guys decided to kick back and enjoy each other’s good company.  That the supervisors felt they could do this reveals something about the chain of command in New York City.

Highlighted in the news were the deaths of an elderly person and a newborn baby who could not receive medical attention during the paralysis of transportation.

The New York  union death panels deserve credit for hundreds of uncounted deaths, and perhaps the inaction of city government was purposeful.

New York is a bankrupt city,  heavy with dependents needing medical and other tax payer assistance.   The fastest way to be rid of these people is to allow natural disasters to take their toll.  Exacerbating problems by inactivity and unresponsiveness of course increases the number of “natural” deaths.

Your friendly Pharmer knows exactly what happens in a hospital during a snow storm.  The rate of new admissions, particularly through the emergency room drops off precipitously.  This  extends for as long as transportation remains  blocked by the weather.

Do people stop having traumatic  injuries, chest pains, diabetic keto-acidosis, psychotic episodes, suicide attempts, births, strokes, and other emergent medical conditions just because it snows?   Of course not!   They simply go unattended and many of them die.

The news will not tell you about Bloomberg’s New York, Union, Death Panel,  which has likely stripped hundreds, or even thousands  of dependent human individuals from the welfare, medicaid, and social security rolls, by delaying cleanup.

That’s one way to deal with a financial crisis.  Expect more of it, especially if health care becomes both government controlled and unionized.