Union Protest for our Highest Paid Teachers.

RebelPundit & EAGnews.org Interview Chicago Teachers Union Members on Veteran’s Day | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Chicago can’t really afford to pay the highest teacher salaries in the U.S., and so there are rumors of school closings. This brought out protesters on Veterans Day. None of the people shown in this gathering for the Chicago teachers union would admit to being teachers to interviewer Jeremy Segal of Rebel Pundit. Note: EAG stands for Education Action Group, a reform group based in Michigan.
The film highlights various protesters who are known socialist and communist activists.

Romney to Olympians: ‘You Didn’t Get Here Solely On Your Own’ – YouTube

A donation to the Pharm:   Lefties are entertaining  themselves by claiming that Obama got the idea for his biggest socialist gaffe from Mitt Romney. Normal people are amused that the leftists could not distinguish between the amateur athletes, whose training usually starts in childhood, and adult business people who are making a living through their own efforts.

There was quite a difference between the Olympic athletes addressed by Romney, and those entrepreneurs  who were told by Obama that someone else did that for them.

Our Uninspired U.S. Catholic Bishops

If you ever donated or volunteered at one of the Catholic or other religious affiliated hospitals,  or worked there at lower salary than you might command elsewhere, for the sake of assisting a non profit institution that serves the poor……..  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops doesn’t  think you exist.  You and your service and your generosity are  NOTHING to them, and they collectively appear to  feel that the corrupt, liberal run government, can allocate care so much better.

It’s all right here,  in one of their too little, too late letters which Obama and his lefties are likely  throwing into the dumpster, after using it for personal hygiene,  (recycling being  of paramount importance).

This particular letter states that the issue of providing health care for all  has gone unaddressed in this country.  Unaddressed by all of you who put your time and money toward the effort, or to those who dedicated your careers to this end.  Your efforts go unrecognized as insignificant.   You see,  to our USCCB,  things will only be right when everyone has the same miserably poor care, under government mismanagement, as exists in other socialized countries.   This letter addresses the abortion issue, but utterly ignores the looming death-panel issue of government controlled rationing.    In their left-bent dementia, the bishops  opine that only  the government can manage such an undertaking as health care for all, and until pressure from the Vatican,  and Catholics cutting their funding to the USCCB  set this organization to its impotent letter writing effort,  they were content to support  a complete  economic  takeover by the socialists.

The bishops’  last  half hearted effort to forestall the abortion problem in Obamacare was distributed to parishes, but there was apparently  no mandatory directive for the priests to promote it.   Many churchgoers remain unaware of the effort.

The USCCB has been teaching,  contrary to the Catholic Church, and its authority, that we should allocate our personal, charitable responsibilities to the state.  Allegiance to these misguided bishops  is  a grievous error which will become more apparent as the state proceeds to strip the rest of our freedoms away.

Now is the time to let the U.S. Bishops understand that their leftist, socialist teachings regarding health care and control by the state  are not welcome in our lives.   Reallocate your charitable contributions away from USCCB  interests and  towards the numerous  direct charities, which feed the hungry and provide medical assistance without abortions.  Ask your Pastors and parish leaders to act similarly.    Money talks.   All of us Catholics can increase our efforts  to adhere to Church Teaching.   A transformation of the U.S. Catholic Church is needed.

This can be accomplished  from the grassroots, as  it will be done with respect to  the U.S. government.