Petraeus Compromised from Within?

Someone has probably come to this conclusion, but Pharmer hasn’t seen it yet.

We have heard thatDavid Petraeus’s leaky girlfriend, Paula Broadwell spilled some classified type beans at the University of Denver.  She says that her ex boyfriend  David knew almost immediately that there was a TERROR attack on the Libyan embassy in Benghazi.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend David had testified in a  closed congressional meeting that the attack on the embassy was inspired by that anti-Muslim video that almost nobody saw.

We also know that the FBI and people higher up in Washington knew quite  some time ago that David and Paula had been doing the wild thing, and that  David obsessively sent thousands of emails to Paula after their breakup, thereby making an utter fool of himself.

Heres Pharmer’s guess, just from the little news which has come out on the matter:

David Petraeus was  the real security problem, because he  compromised himself, and was in turn compromised  from within the Obama administration.  Obama’s Abysmal Foreign Policy was concealed with the help of Petraeus because they had the goods on him.  They could tell the world what a drooling old fool he was for Paula, and what was in all the humiliating emails he sent to her when she broke up him.  Therefore it wasn’t hard for the thugs in Chicago to get David Petraeus to lie for Obama to congress.   This lie very likely affected the outcome of the election.  Even  people who live for free Obama stash might have found this cover up of Obama’s Abysmal Foreign Policy too much to handle.

The conservatives that we have in Congress are still a minority.  We’ll have to wait to see what the majority of wimps think about this.

Celebrate Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Pastors Prepare to Fight IRS Through Pulpit Freedom Sunday |

October 7 is Pulpit Freedom Sunday, in which the Alliance Defending Freedom and numerous other religious organizations are backing this effort.

Many of the pastors send tapes of their sermons to the IRS, attempting to trigger an audit.   The IRS has acted against non profits engaging in politically partisan activity before, but generally shy away before the issue goes to court. The agency fears losing the power to suppress speech by losing their case on constitutional 1st amendment grounds.

Knowing that the IRS does not go after Planned Parenthood for its blatant campaign activity for the Democrats, and Cecile Richards current tour of the swing states for Obama, should bolster the courage of any religious groups and churches which would like to engage in free political speech from the pulpit.

Some courageous Catholic Priests have taken on the task of defending the sanctity of  life in their sermons. This could be interpreted directly as anti-democrat speech since abortion is firmly entrenched in that party’s platform, and Obamacare includes a death panel, (IPAB).   These priests have therefore taken on the IRS, and the current administration itself.

Other members of  of United States Catholic Clergy might shy away from giving their own interpretations of scripture as it impinges upon politics, for fear of  chasing off their congregations. Some of them subscribe to the idea that it’s OK to vote for a politician who supports killing the unborn, the elderly and the disabled, so long as the candidate  promises to redistribute the wealth.  This type of confused thinking  has morphed  from Seamless Garment teaching of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin.

Besides Pulpit Freedom Sunday,  October is Pro Life Month and the Fall  edition of the 40 Days for Life,  is underway.

Don’t forget to Defend your Freedom with your VOTE on Nov 6th.

Democrat National Convention: Womanhood is a Disease

You can listen to Kathleen Sebelius lie about  Obamacare, and resell to the dems, something that the majority of Americans do not want.

The most important thing to take away from her speech is the view that WOMANHOOD is a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.  A pre-existing condition is the insurance term for a DISEASE,  already present, which would not be covered under a new health insurance contract until a grace period had passed. HIPAA  regulations had pretty much removed contractual barrier to health care coverage.

The dem’s plan is focused on treating the biological characteristics of a woman as a disease.    The dems see childbearing as a thing which must be controlled and suppressed with drugs and sterilization for the purpose of cost containment.

See a clip of Sebelius’s speech at the DNC below.   Read the transcript of the speech HERE. 


Says Sebelius:  “Being a mother is no longer a liability, and being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition! That’s what change looks like.”

Unmentioned is that the necessary cost containment which comes with treating womanhood as a disease, is that the government will have control over the expression of said characteristic.

As in China, there will be the need,  for top down administration of your reproductive life.  If the government pays for it, the government will dicatate it, just as it does with everything else it controls.

Obama is rapidly shedding female votes, as more and more of them ponder the prospect of Chinese-style health care for women.  His loss of support in recent polling is almost totally accounted for by the women who are changing their minds.

Don’t for get that Sebelius views woman-hood as a pre-existing condition, which the government must manage.

Freedom isn’t free.  If  reproductive autonomy is worth the price of heath care to you,  Obama is not your man.


Kill Devil Hills: Aftermath of Irene

Pharmer sent a link to the Kill Devil Hills weather data, which was posted  here yesterday, to the Drudge Report. Coincidentally, the Drudge crew elected to link up an Irene aftermath story from…. yes, Kill Devil Hills, saying that less than expected damage had occurred.  Tropical storms  are known to be VERY WET.  Consistent with that fact, the  main damage from Irene  is from too much rain.

The media, with red faces, are still trying to tell us that Irene was a hurricane when it made landfall,  but as we can see from the rest of the wind graph at Kill Devil Hills……. it really was a Tropical Storm.  Even the wind GUSTS did not register at 50 mph, and sustained winds were well below that.


Obama might be kicking himself for ending the vacation early in order to “take command” of the disaster from the non-hurricane. Perhaps he can breathe a ginormous gust of hot air to dry the wetness left by Irene on the portion of the country to which he feels more attachment. (Those of us in flyover country have experienced his conspicuous detachment from our disasters.)
This video shows the desperate attempt at ABC News to make Obama seem relevant and connected to the management of response to Tropical Storm Irene. Note the pre-Irene footage from Kill Devil Hills.

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph.

Travel carefully.  Other places do not have religious freedom.    You might be imprisoned or hung for saying the wrong thing.

Asia Bibi, a 45 year old mother of five is sentenced to hang for defaming Muhammed, although there is no evidence that she actually did or said such a thing.

Great Britain is another place of extreme political correctness, although at this time you might only be imprisoned for “hate speech” if you speak  opposition to Islam or to gay practice.