Planned Parenthood Forced to Settle Suit, Failed to Report Child Rape |

Planned Parenthood Forced to Settle Suit, Failed to Report Child Rape |

After seven long years, Denice Fairbanks has won a settlement from Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio. Her suit against the abortion provider included charges of covering up rape, and sexual abuse of a minor, and failure to report these things to authorities as the law demands. Ms. Fairbanks had been abused by her father from age 13, was impregnated, and was taken to Planned Parenthood for an abortion at age 16. Though she told the staff that she was being forced to have sex, she was offered no assistance and the abuse was not reported to authorities. She was returned to her father, and the abuse continued until a H.S. instructor was told, and reported the crimes.

Life Legal Defense Foundation and attorney Brian Hurley represented Fairbanks in the suit against Planned Parenthood. As expected, the size of the award is not announced, but Pharmer hopes it is H U G E.

Would Muslims Have a Cultural Objection to Planned Parenthood’s Idea of Emancipation?

Planned Parenthood Tried to Force Raped Teen to Have Abortion |

It seems that the work of Live Action has inspired others to dig up the bones at Planned Parenthood.

According to this 2008  story, and police reports,  Planned Parenthood held a 14 year old girl, who had been made pregnant by an adult male, in their custody over the objections of the girl’s father, and a police officer.

The Planned Parenthood employee,Andrea Smasne, stated that once a girl is pregnant, she is emancipated, and claimed that the father of this 14 year old statutory rape victim had no right to take his daughter home.

The police officer was advised by Kennewick  city Atty, Eric Eisinger  that planned parenthood was interfering with parental custodial rights, (Custodial interference section 26.28).  The officer  proceeded to use this information to extract the girl from the clinic and send her home with her father.

Read the police report here.

Also learn about the many pro-life groups in Washington state, attempting to stem the cultural decay of that state.

This idea of a planned parenthood clinic holding a 14 year old, and attempting to send her with a statutory rapist to another clinic for a late term (22 week) abortion got Pharmer to thinking….   what would MUSLIMS think of this abrogation of family structure and order?  Would they like to join the various Christian sects in vociferously protesting this obamanation?