After Obama Busts Stericycle, Who Will Empty Abortion Clinic Dumpsters?

A major Pro-life News Media Clearinghouse, explains the Obama strategy to tie Romney to Stericycle, a company which disposes of medical waste, and carries away aborted humans from Planned Parenthood facilities. Stericycle services all sorts of health care institutions in addition to abortion clinics. They’ll dump anything.

It appears that Romney left Bain Capital before the controversial association with Stericycle’s abortion dumpstering, and Bain itself has subsequently dumped Stericycle.

Obama’s expose of Stericycle’s abortion association is likely to hurt that company far more than it hurts Romney. Who will take out Planned Parenthood’s “trash” now? Perhaps the Obama campaign should have thought of Planned Parenthood’s medical waste compliance issues before it decided to Bust Stericycle by driving off the legitimate portions of its business.

Obama 11th-Hour Attack on Romney May Involve False Abortion Story |

Abortion Clinics Blame it on Stericycle

2 Texas abortion clinics fined for fetus disposal – San Antonio Express-News.

It would probably help if Legitimate health care facilities understood how their  medical waste disposal service operates.

Stericycle,  based in Illinois, is in hot water for improper disposal of  human fetuses killed at a pair of Texas abortion clinics.

It seems that there was no problem with Stericycle’s steam disinfection method, but in Texas,  the medical “waste”  (containing little corpses in various states of dismemberment) is supposed to be buried……. NOT thrown in a municipal  landfill. 

Stericycle has been fined 42,612 for failure to comply with the regulations.

Whole Woman’s Health Clinics in Austin and McAllen are paying up also,  a total of about $40,000 between them.    They’re placing the blame on Stericycle of course.

Take home information:  Pharmer knows that a LOT of hospitals and clinics employ Stericycle to dispose of their medical waste.  People who have  miscarriages might want to bear this in mind, if respectful treatment  of the body is a concern.