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Here’s the Pete Hoekstra political ad that is causing all the uproar.   Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance!

This ad is about taxation driving industry and trade to China, it’s not about race. It does not degrade the Chinese people in any way. Only the leftists (looking for something to whine about) would find the portrayal of near-fluency in a second language to be degrading. Pharmer is  impressed with anyone who is functionally communicating in a second language, and does not see leaving the “s” off the verb to be degrading.

Pharmer also does not  blame the Chinese for taking advantage of self-destructive American economic policies.  That’s capitalism!

via Political Super Bowl Ad Called Racist | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Superbowl PLUS!

Routine items not allowed at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday | Sports | Sports News and Videos on t….

You’re going to get something EXTRA upon entering the Cowboy’s stadium on Sunday says the Star-Telegram:

“Everyone entering the stadium must pass through a magnatometer, such as those used at airports, and get a patdown as part of the screening process. The majority of fans will enter through checkpoints on the east side of Cowboys Stadium.”

Will Gloria Allred run out and buy a scalped ticket?