Dr. Suzanna Hupp Reminds Us How A Massacre is Stopped

Dr. Suzanna Hupp lost her parents in the Luby massacre in Texas in 1991, and has been a concealed carry advocate ever since.  She unfortunately had not been carrying on the fateful day she was in the restaurant with her parents.   The video below (a classic!) is her original testimony before Congress  a couple of years after the event.    Go HERE to see a C-span video of her more recent testimony this past Monday. 


Teeny Preemie, 290 Grams At Birth, Will Go Home With Mom Soon

‘Touch and Go’ Extreme Preemie Could Be Home by New Years | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Melinda Star Guido was born at 24 weeks gestation, a bit small for her age, at 290 grams.   She’s the second smallest preemie in the U.S. to be heading home, though she doesn’t go officially on record as a survivor until early January, when she’s slated to leave the hospital.  Melinda was due on Dec 15th (today), at which time she has grown to 8 times her birth weight.