What Happens to the Egg Donors?

eggsploitation ::: the infertility industry has a dirty little secret….

Women are selling their eggs to assist the reproductive efforts of financially well heeled people with fertility troubles.   This documentary presents the possible serious  risks of the various means of egg harvesting  to the  donor women.

These women should also be informed that the bulk of  human embryos produced from their eggs are killed.

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Also see this news story, of  a slave surrogacy operation based in Thailand, using women from Vietnam. The business appeared to serve the reproductive  ‘needs’ of Taiwanese customers.

Yes, women remain second class, able to be purchased,  and useful as a medical commodity.


Abortion Crackdown in Bangkok

Bangkok Post : Pills seized in abortion raid.

The Public Health Ministry of Thailand has seized large stores of illicit pharmaceuticals as part of an ongoing crackdown on illegal abortion clinics.  Earlier in November, 2002 aborted babies were found stored at a Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

Legal abortion in Thailand is  limited mainly  to cases of rape or incest, fetal abnormality, or ‘danger to the mother’s life’.

The health ministry’s action against illegal abortion clinics uncovered large stocks of MTpill (mifepristone) cytolog (misopristil),  antibiotics and drugs for impotence, at one of four illicit drug producers said to be located in Bangkok.

Article on the aftermath at the Buddhist temple (Wat Phai Ngern Chotanaram), containing much political double talk, is worth a read.