Obama Dumps Gay Marraige Again

Obama announced on MTV that he won’t be pushing gay marrage in his second term. He milked that for as much money as he possibly can, and doesn’t need the issue anymore. Apparently the Defense of Marriage Act is going to stay on the books.
Here’s the REAL truth. Even though Obama has Personal affinity for gay issues, he also has future ambitions after the presidency. He’s too young and egotistical to fade into the sunset like a good ex-president. The Islamic nations are not going to want him as head of the U.N. or in any other major position of global leadership if his sympathies and propensities remain a public matter.
Politics is a tightrope, you know.

UN Opposes Mitt Romney Election as Democratic Mandate for Torture

The Rapporteur Special, Ben Emmerson, of the UN, whines that the election of Mitt Romney means an OK from the U.S. for torture. He particularly is upset about the possibility of a return of waterboarding as an interrogation technique. This is because Romney refused to specify which interrogation methods he would rule out, though he did say that he opposes the use of ‘torture’.

If the UN doesn’t want Romney to be elected, Pharmer feels much better about voting for him. ūüôā

United Nations‚Äô Ben Emerson: Romney Victory a ‚ÄėDemocratic Mandate for Torture‚Äô | TheBlaze.com.

Ken Blackwell Tells Us about UN Convention on Rights of the Child

Blocking A UN Threat To The Family.

These UN “child advoates”¬† are perverts, and the US should have left the UN long ago.

Rights of the Child at the UN exclude the right to be born, or the right to have religious instruction from their parents (unless they are Muslim).

The “rights” do include access by planned parenthood to deny them of their period of latency, sexualize them, and give them abortions without parental consent.

Sen. Jim DeMint of SC has arranged for a coalition of senators to block ratification of the UN’s CRC .¬†¬† Support his Senate Resolution 99, which serves that purpose.

Obama Hauls Arizona Before the UN Human Rights Council | Impeach Obama Campaign

Obama Hauls Arizona Before the UN Human Rights Council | Impeach Obama Campaign.

Obama has brought the Arizona copy of the U.S. federal immigration policy before the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Remember this is the same  UN which develops policies to make the kids available for sex, and abort their babies, (as well as culling the disabled from the human herd).

The cultural elite of the UN wouldn’t want those brown people¬† to have too much reproductive¬† success and get uppity, you know.

The big question is what moral authority do the UN freaks have regarding human rights issues?

Obama Continues His Efforts To Start Nuclear War in Middle East

Sources: Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week | The Weekly Standard.

Obama, providing cover for the community organizers¬† who planned the flotilla¬† of arms shipments to Gaza, ¬† is expected to join the UN plans to “investigate” Israel for it’s response to assault on it’s embargo effort.

Recall that humanitarian aid to Gaza are  permitted by Israel, but arms shipments are not.

UN Claims (So Be Wary) that India has More Cell Phones than Toilets

India has more mobile phones than toilets: UN report – Telegraph.

The story is that there are enough cell phones for almost half of India’s population, but only a third of the people¬† had access to “proper”¬† sanitation in 2008.

Pharmer recognizes that the UN is prone to exaggerating stories in order to promote their programs. ¬† The infrastructure for cell phones is cheaper to build and maintain than the huge construction¬† of systems needed for a¬† supporting a toilet in every home.¬†¬†¬† There’s a wild, electronic industrial revolution going on in Asia, so this claim could be a shade¬† closer to the truth¬† than other stuff coming out of the UN.

Take home:  Giving to organizations  which dig for clean water supplies in various parts of the world  might be the  most efficient way to  support human life.

The Politics of Maternal Mortality

The Associated Press: Lancet: Sharp drop in maternal deaths worldwide.

Editor of the Lancet,  Richard Horton, despite pressure from advocacy groups seeking UN grants,  published a paper on Sunday  showing a marked drop in worldwide maternal mortality rates.

Advocacy can sometimes gets in the way of science,  Horton said, indicating his disappointment at the pressure.

Maternal deaths fell from a half million yearly in 1980 to about 343,ooo in 2008.

Delay of the story until after the UN meetings was sought, as it was felt that this good news would impede the ability of various groups to obtain funding for their various methods of preventing births, which includes, of course, abortions.

Lifenews notes that Ireland, a country with pro-life laws in place,  has the lowest maternal mortality rate, while Nepal,  a country with abortion on demand, has one of the highest rates.

Maternal mortality Increased by 42% in the United States between 1980 and 2008, according to the study.  During this period,  federal law permitted abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

The study by Christopher Murray and colleagues at Washington State was funded by……… believe it or not, Bill and Melinda Gates.