Psssst Media Secret: FBI investigates NJ Sen. Bob Menendez for Use of Underage Prostitutes

You won’t hear hardly a whisper of this if you watch the mainstream news. Sen Bob Menendez apparently likes to visit the Dominican Republic, via private aircraft for recreational reasons. He has a Democrat, donor buddy, Dr. Salomon Melgen, an opthalmologist with whom he likes to party, and the FBI knows it. This is why they have raided said physician’s office complex looking for evidence, and have driven away with van’s full of material.
Some other problems of Dr. Melgen, besides his party life with Sen Menendez, are his successive tax liens, amounting to many millions of dollars.

For background, you can visit HERE, and see the original interviews of women in the Dominican Republic, who say that Sen. Menendez paid them for sex. The women reported that he promised them $500, but they only received $100.

When pressed about the accusation, Senator Menendez said that he would not dignify the story with a response.

Emails pertaining to the FBI investigation have been published HERE.   On the sidebar, at that link, is a flash widget  for downloading the dossier of the federal investigation, containing many email screenshots and other information.

Update,  The Miami Herald  has taken notice, and so has Drudge.

Bob Menendez, were the parties that good??


This Case Gives “Tickle Me Elmo” a Whole New Feel

Kevin Clash: Voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo accused of having ‘sexual relationship with underage boy’ | Mail Online.

A  Sandusky like scandal is  bubbling up for 52 year old Kevin Clash, the voice behind Sesame Street Puppet Elmo for more than two decades.

A 23 year old Man has brought forth allegations that Kevin Clash started a sexual relationship with him when he was 16  Clash admits to the relationship, but says that the sex started later, and that it was between two consenting adults.

After obtaining no positive result from complaints to Sesame Workshop officials, the accuser has lawyered up with  Andreozzi and Associates, who handled one of the complaints in the Jerry Sandusky case.

Clash has taken a leave of absence to defend his reputation.

Aren’t you glad we saved big bird?

UPDATE!!! Nevermind! The accuser now states that HE really was legal when he and Kevin Clash had whatever kind of sex. In New York, that means he was greater than 17 years old, and Clash was greater than 45 years old, at the time. Clash, the voice who made Elmo a star, is a divorced father of a grown woman, who states that he is gay, and admitted to having a relationship with his accuser. He remains on leave from his job.

We can be soooooooooooo relieved that middle aged Kevin Clash had the good sense to make sure that his young sex partner was of legal age, we still maintain that “Tickle me Elmo” now sounds a bit Nastaaaaay.

UPDATE! Another Lawsuit  A new accuser, Cecil Singleton is bringing a five million dollar lawsuit against Kevin Clash.  It is alleged  that the Clash  had been cruising on telephone chat lines for young sex partners and picked up Cecil when he was only 15 years of age.  The NY Daily News states that Sheldon Stevens, who made news earlier this month with his accusation, had been paid $125,000 dollars as a settlement, prior to recanting his charges.    He now wants to return this money and says that his charges are true. 

In the wake of the new accusations from Singleton, Kevin Clash has resigned from Sesame Street as the voice of Elmo.

UPDATE, Boy #3 This one is named John Doe.  He has started the manuscript of a book about his encounters with Kevin Clash, which he says began when he was 16.   One of the chapters of his book to be is: “Tickled my Heart”.   He has filed suit for $75,000 in damages.  Perhaps that will help him get his book published.    The boys are popping up like mushrooms.  No wonder Kevin resigned.

Sex-crime victim faces jail and fines for tweeting her attackers’ names

Savannah Dietrich felt that the group of guys who molested her when she was passed out at a party got off too easy.   Judge  Dee McDonald,who made the decision,  in juvenile court,  placed a broad gag order that barred Dietrich from speaking about  what happened to her at the party. The case involves two males under the age of 18, who assaulted Dietrich while she was passed out, and shared pictures of the event with others.

In her frustration over the light sentence for her attackers, Dietrich revealed their names on Twitter.

From the Louisville Journal Courier:

“They said I can’t talk about it or I’ll be locked up,” Dietrich tweeted. “So I’m waiting for them to read this and lock me up. ____ justice.

“Protect rapist is more important than getting justice for the victim in Louisville.”

Dietrich might now face  fines and up to six months in jail, for contempt of court.   While a decision is being made in her case, the lawyers of the perpetrators, , Chris Klein and David Mejia,  have asked for a continuance of the existing gag order.

Completely gagging the victim from speaking about what had happened to her confers more  psychological  punishment upon her than to the perpetrators, who will  likely be serving time in juvenile detention.

Suggestions by supposed experts were that the victim should spend her own money and resources to fight the decision of the judge, so that she can be  allowed  to speak to  clergy, counselors or others who could render assistance for her probable substance abuse problem, and the accompanying damage from sexual abuse.

Perhaps some feel that a girl who passes out at a party is fair game to all the guys who are incapable of normal sexual relationships. While Dietrich was wrong to place herself in a compromising position,  she does not deserve a jail sentence for speaking about the aftermath.

Perhaps if the sexual offenses had been  taken seriously,  the court would not be considered ‘contemptible’ by the Savannah Dietrich and the general public.

Live Action: Planned Parenthood LIVE and undoctored: Three More Clinics

Here is a THREE PACK of videos from three more Planned Parenthood’s in Virginia from Live Action. Quotes accompanying the videos come from the script and site, AFTER the undercover actor identified himself as a manager of underage sex workers. All three videos are unedited, full length, even including a trip to the bathroom by the pimp, with sound effects.

Roanoke Virginia: Planned Parenthood staffer to the pimp: “From the age of 12 up, for birth control,
you can just come in and do that. You don’t have to have a parent,

Charlottesville Virginia: Planned Parenthood Staffer to the pimp: “Anybody here can help you. Everything
here is confidential. We can’t give any information out.”

Falls Church Virginia: Planned Parenthood Staffer to the pimp: Planned Parenthood staffer: “We don’t necessarily look at the legal status, like I said. Abortion appointments do require photo ID. It’s
nothing as far as records. It’s just photo ID that’s ever going to be required.”

There is evidence online that people who work to save kids from sex slavery have become disgusted with planned parenthood. This is as it should be. Here’s an example. Be sure to read the statement in that article from Dottie Laster, a foremost U.S. authority on the matter of child slavery.   Here’s an excerpt:

“After viewing the Planned Parenthood video my first thoughts were of the victims I have served over the last 8 years. Specifically the women and girls — their horrendous statements of rape, gang rapes, torture, branding, starvation, extortions, assault and their reports of repeated forced abortions and miscarriages due to the trauma they received. I have often wondered where these multiple abortions took place and how medical professionals had not seen the extensive trauma to their bodies, spirits and souls.”

Live Action has “ACORNed”* planned parenthood and much of the mainstream media in a single operation.

Pharmer thanks them for their service to our country.

There will not be the use of the searing images associated with sex slavery in this article as an impetus for readers to help spread the word.  Below are some links for people who need a little booster to help stop an entrenched group of corrupt businesses which have fostered and profited from much human misery.


I’m Not Buying It

Polaris Project

Courtney’s House

Salvation Army

* ACORNverb– to systematically use technology and effective undercover agents to expose the inherent corruption inside an organization, establishment or institution.

Live Action Full Footage Video at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood had protested that Live Action’s sting video at one of their New Jersey Facilities was a hoax, edited and misleading.  So the full footage video has been made available.  It exists in two segments at YouTube.
Part 1

Part 2

Here’s where to locate the Live Action AUDIO after You Tube removes it. DOWNLOAD MP3

It was the job of the pro-life blogosphere to make this information available as widely as possible so that the mainstream media could not ignore it without looking stupid. Pharmer dutifully submitted it to Drudge and Rush Limbaugh, as well as featuring it, (as has been done from Live Action’s early days). CNN has picked up the story.

Wandering over to Jill Stanek’s, Pharmer picked up this nauseating Quote from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz, D Fl., who equates the Republican attempt to stop the tax payer funding of abortion with extreme disdain for women. From CBS News:
“In an interview with Hotsheet, Democratic Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz called the bill “nothing short of a violent act against women.” She equated denying federal funds to a rape victim with the “hijacking of a woman’s independence.”

“I don’t know how anybody could suggest that there is any rape that is acceptable,” she said. “I just think it sends a very clear message direct from the heart of the Republican party to women in America about exactly how Republicans feel about women.”

Pharmer would like to give Schulz a taste of her own medicine. Amy Woodruff of Planned Parenthood, (Perth Amboy facility) and the many more which have been revealed, and are yet to be revealed, exemplify what Congress-hag Debbie Wasserman Schulz D Fl. thinks of of GIRLS: that it’s OK to enslave them for sex, and to utilize our tax dollars to conceal these crimes.

Perhaps if more people pick their ‘favorite’ pro-abortion politicians and stick their names to these videos, for example, Dick Durbin, Obama, the phony Steve Driehaus, Nancy Pelosi they will begin to rethink their political strategy and curb their UNCIVIL Rhetoric (and lawsuits) aimed at pro-life people.

After first claiming that the Live Action films are a hoax, planned parenthood has since fired manager Amy Woodruff. Fired for a hoax???? “Under the Bus”, Amy.

Watch for more Planned Parenthood sting. This is nowhere near the end of the story.

Live Action NAILS another Planned Parenthood

Lila Rose and Crew at Live Action have another Special Planned Parenthood Video for YOU. This time, Amy Woodruff, the Office Manager at a New Jersey planned parenthood has very blatantly set up business with a pimp for his bevy of underage, illegal immigrant sex slaves. As you watch, remember that one third of planned parenthood’s income is YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

Amy Woodruff’s Planned Parenthood in N.J.

Amy refers the youngest sex slaves to Metropolitan Medical Associates in New Jersey, but those people appear to have already taken down their website, or moved it. What’s left is a google cache.

The Social ‘Dys-proportionism’ of the Left.

The PC self esteem police are out in force,  blue and red lights flashing, to display their concern for the Obama girls.  It seems that Michelle, who leads the charge against obesity, had mentioned that the condition of her girls had touched off a little body mass index  (BMI) discussion with the pediatrician.

Michelle had the temerity to touch upon this personal experience while speaking at an Alexandria Virginia event initiating her campaign against childhood obesity.   Yes,  she mentioned the pediatrician suggesting that the girls might be getting just a little chubby.   The self esteem police are aghast……… fearing that the girls might be incited to binge eating disorders if Mama Michelle so much as mentions the issue of weight to them, or about them.

Far be it from Pharmer to rag on Michelle for this  supposed sin against the self image.  What Michelle  said  is fairly normal, and not a big deal at all.    However it illustrates just how whacked out society is.

There were none from the leftie  PC police mentioning the hugely  abnormal Gaffe of Obama,  speaking at the  Town Hall  in  Johnston Pennsylvania,  about his daughters, who were then  SIX and NINE years old.  In fact most of them, including this nut at the Politico,  considered his behavior acceptable.

“Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

It’s not a normal father who speaks out publicly of his daughters, acknowledging their single digit ages,  and mentions the possibility that they will be  made pregnant, and have abortions.

The lefties have been talking to themselves for so long, that they don’t understand the people who would object to kids having sex,  and getting pregnant at whatever age of minority.  So few of them are personally  involved in parenthood, that this raised no outcry among them.

It’s not likely  that the opinions of most religious  groups are of  much significance to Obama, but is he so deluded that he thinks he won the respect of a single adherent Muslim when he made the above  statement?

Much Jihad fever is fueled by the impression that Americans are immoral filth.  All of us will be paying, in  myriad ways,  for utter lack of proportion and  social dysfunction of the leftists.