Why Raising the Minimum Wage is Harmful

In plain language, this column, linked below, explains why raising the minimum wage is a disaster. It will eliminate millions of entry level jobs which would have trained young people for their later careers, and supplied them with income to further their education. This is similar to the effect that Union demands for higher wages and benefits has had in knocking the younger members into the ranks of the unemployed. The net effect of raising the minimum wage is to inhibit education and upward mobility for those who are not raised in affluent circumstances.
Check it out, and pass it on:

Obama’s Promise To End My Son’s Job: Why It Is Personal : The Last Resistance.

Pharmer Thinks Obama is Out the Door- Black Community is Turning Away

American Blacks have been suffering most under the policies of Barack Hussein Obama. There’s no surprise to Pharmer that he’s losing their votes bigtime.
What’s the worst problem? They don’t like the increased unemployment, the attack on the family, and Barack’s gay marriage endorsement.
Rebel Pundit did some interviews in the Black communities of Chicago, and the results are worth a look.

Unemployment: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit

It’s an Obamanation!


Drudge Report headlines scream:
One-third at temp agencies...
Broader Jobless Rate At 14.9%...
Unemployment rate for blacks jumps to 14.4%...
Rate stuck at 11% for Hispanics...
780,000 Fewer Women Employed Under Obama...
Romney: 'It Doesn't Have To Be This Way'...

Incidentally, the number of people on disability, SSI, is record breaking and exceeds the population of New York City. It’s where people go after the 3 years of unemployment benefits run out. Disability is forever, or until the money runs out.

Addressing John Gehring’s Attack on Conservative Catholics

Pharmer spotted the  pretentious  John Gehring  telling us that it is a violation of  Catholic  teaching to support Rick Santorum.

Our CINO (Catholic in name only) lefties continually abuse the seamless garment type of philosophy in order to justify their own political views.
Basically they have supported a pro-abortion, pro-infanticide president and regime, in order to obtain some benefits from his promises to redistribute the wealth. One could compare such people to prostitutes, but that would be an unwarranted insult to the sex workers. CINOs instead forfeit the lives of their fellow humans in order to obtain largess from the government for their own personal interests and gain.

CINOs have pushed for a program of forced redistribution of wealth, which discourages personal charity and relegates the responsibility to a government which has become corrupt.

The greenie CINOs ignore the government’s forcing us to bring toxic levels of mercury into our homes (easily broken compact fluorescent bulbs) in the name of energy efficiency. They also ignore the extreme toxicity of lithium battery production for their greenie cars. They ignore the deaths of millions (from malaria and starvation) caused by irrational risk assessments by environmentalists, who ban pesticides. Those are their late term, human sacrifices to Mother Earth.

The CINOs look to unions to facilitate income redistribution while at the same time supporting tax and regulatory policies which have driven job creating corporations overseas. The Union workers and public sector workers are making much greater salaries on average than those from whom CINOs wish to extract taxes for bailing out the union pension plans. Meanwhile the dearth of U.S. jobs has sent immigrants with legitimate work permits back to Mexico, and American Blacks are suffering  increasingly worse unemployment than Whites.

So far CINOs have not seen much return on their personal investment in wealth redistribution. Pharmer is comforted by the fact that very few of these people will obtain even scraps from the tables of the corrupt politicians to whom they cling.

Lastly, if the Catholic Church really were actually teaching the garbage that John Gehring is expelling, This lifelong Catholic would have already found another religion.

The American Spectator : Farmers 1, Smelt 0 — For Now

The American Spectator : Farmers 1, Smelt 0 — For Now.

After many  bankrupties and foreclosed farms, 85,000 acres of lost food production, dead fruit and almond trees,  a federal judge, Oliver Wanger,  has ruled against a Fish and Wildlife Service water restriction to the Central Valley.

This economic disaster was all about supposed population declines of  a two inch California Delta  smelt, and a guess as to  the cause.  Water exports to the Central Valley were cut off for four years causing masssive crop and orchard destruction, and 40% unemployment in the immediate area.

Certainly the environmentalists, hell bent on maintaining the destruction, (because there are too many humans), will be proceeding to the 9th circuit court with this case.

Two more Census workers blow the whistle – NYPOST.com

Yes, the Government continues to use the census to falsely inflate the employment numbers and job creation.

Two more Census workers blow the whistle – NYPOST.com.

One of the workers in the above article was fired and rehired multiple times by the Census Bureau, and this counted for the creation of four new jobs.   This worker is now unemployed once more.   The other writer reports extreme job redundancy, and waste of resources.

Your tax dollars at work, stimulating the economy.

Artificial Deflation of Unemployment.

My Way News – GAO: Census has computer problem.

The above linked article tells you all about the ineptitude of the government, its  inability to handle the census data, and the extreme waste of money going into the collection of it.

One figure of extreme interest is that 635,000 people have been hired to visit a total of 48 million American homes.   Each person is trained for four days, and then expected to visit homes which did not respond using the census forms.  This translates to 76 homes per census worker.  While it is understood that some of these households are remote,  it is obvious that census employment is VERY TEMPORARY.

This job is without benefits,  it may require utilizing the automobile of the employee, and it removes this person from the unemployment rolls, whether they are actually engaged in work, or whether they are waiting, without pay in the census employment pool.

Please remember this artificial deflation of the unemployment figures while you are evaluating government generated employment statistics.

Also remember that malfunctioning computer programs are being used for accumulation and analysis of the census data.

Job Stimulus Funds Awarded on Political Basis

» A Political Stimulus, Not A Job Stimulus – Big Government.

The above  linked data analysis shows that  Democrat districts on average are receiving twice as much  job stimulus  funding as Republican districts.   This is the strongest factor in determining how much job stimulus money is allocated to an area.  Factors which do not seem at all corrrelated to the amount of money give are the amount of unemployment, or the degree of employment deterioration in the district.

Remember that with socialized medicine, your political affiliation will matter similarly in the allocation of health care resources.

Those of us who have opposed the encroaching socialism vociferously will be denied health care if Obamacare continues.

Is the Government Embezzling, or Underreporting Unemployment?

Read up at Zerohedge.org. There’s a nice analysis which shows that the government is paying out more money than is justifiable by the unemployment checks being doled out to the 9.5 million recipients which the Dept of Labor claims to be beneficiaries.

The actual total $ outlay $ is 35% in excess of the amount which would cover these unemployment claims. It is enough to pay 14 million recipients. So either there is considerable embezzling, or the actual number of unemployed being serviced by the government is far in excess of the claim we have been hearing.

Check this analysis out for yourself, and YOU decide if the government is stealing, or lying, or perhaps both!