CTV British Columbia – Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence – CTV News

CTV British Columbia – Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence – CTV News.

Yep it’s Canada……. they were afraid of violence from their lefties so they had to cancel Anne Coulter’s speech at the university of Ottawa.

If you bother to click on the newslink above,  you’ll see another Canadian sign……… the comments are closed.  😉

Anne Coulter is stirring the pot, and has filed grievance with the Human Rights Commission. Seems that she has been targeted as a member of a particular religious and ideological group, for suppression of her free expression.  At issue is a letter from Francois Houle, provost of the University of Ottawa, in which she was advised on what is considered acceptable speech in Canada.

This is a leftist pot, Anne is stirring and she should wear a face mask and eye shield, as well as neoprene gloves.

A Leftie is Complaining that Bart Stupak Would Not Consult the Nuns.

Dropped this at Legal Sleaze because Jodi Jacobson is bumming-out  that Bart Stupak won’t consult with the pro-choice nuns.

Let’s remember Who is attacking Bart Stupak.    The leftist side.

It was interesting to hear a Democrat say he doesn’t go to the nuns  for info on drafting pro-life legislation.
This is actually because the most vocal and   politicized among them are not pro-life.  The media does not interview pro-life nuns.

I would not go to most of  the Americans who claim to be Catholic for pro-life information and political assistance.
This is because many of them are democrats who naively believe that health care can be handed over to a corrupt institution  (the U.S. government)  and expected to improve.  Also, many are not pro-life.

Stupak, ever a democrat,  believes that the health care debacle can be sold by removing language allowing government funding of abortion.  This is a joke.
With  existing socialized systems,  abortion has been mandated by the lack of health coverage and treatment for those with untoward fetal diagnoses.   The mother is told that she should abort the baby with congenital defects.   Also, women who are raped, or who receive risky medications are told that they SHOULD abort.  Many would prefer not to.

If abortion funding is removed from Obamacare,  by necessity of cost cutting, there will remain the unfunded mandate of abortion.

The current leftist ideology and template for girls and women is that they should be available for sex at a young age, and  have abortions early and often, thereby functioning as  good and convenient sexual utilities.   Yes, the functioning is expected to be similar to that of electrical wall sockets.   Most American  leftists actually  hate the life-bearing aspect of women.  (Years of  testing and observation  back this contention.) These same people  also hate traditional Catholic teaching which has assigned the highest rank and honor  among humans to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

The ‘brave new world’ for women under leftist care will be little better than life under the Taliban.

*** addendum :  Stupak can add   this group of sisters to his phone list.   Here’s their full web site.

Cougar Fuel.

An investigational drug for depression failed in clinical trials, but an unintended side effect might translate to marketability of this drug as a libido enhancer for ladies.

Boehringer Ingleheim conducted clinical trials of Flibanserin in North America, and findings indicate that  taking 100mg of  drug per day over 24 weeks elicited patient  reports of significant increase of libido and number of satisfactory sexual encounters.

Recall that Viagra was first tested for hypertension, found wanting, and was  then made famous as a “pick me up” for men.  The same compound is also used to treat pulmonary hypertension.

Flibanserin is still only an investigational drug.   Patience, gurrrls.