Someone Wants to Suck a Little Blood from The Worlds Biggest Tick


George Soros’s Brazilian ex-lover sues for $50m after he ‘broke his word’ over giving her £1.7m apartment | Mail Online.

28 year old Adriana Ferreyr is a Brazilian soap star who had  a 5 year “intimate” association with George Soros.


She’s suing him for 50 million (a pittance) citing his  broken promises, and claims that he exited the relationship with her in a rather violent fashion.

If your stomach is strong, read the Mail Online  for the details.



Inquiring Minds Ask -What is the World’s biggest Tick Up To

Did George Soros win 10/1 return on S&P’s US credit rating downgrade? | Mail Online.

There is speculation that George Soros,  the world’s biggest tick, made big bucks betting on a downgrade of the U.S. economy.

It wouldn’t be the first time that he pulled such a stunt, and the UK remembers him well for this.    That’s why the  Daily Mail airs such suspicions.

They speak of inside information needed  to have made such a bet, but really no such thing was required.  It’s obvious that the Obama  government can’t stop spending.    The only thing needed, to create disaster and then profit from it, is a lack of personal ethics, and we know Soros fills that bill.