Apr 14

Masters of the Obvious Discover “Babies Show Racial Bias”

Wow, CBS Seattle is excited over new Ground Breaking Research.

If you need to learn human instinct, just follow the researchers at the University of Washinton. They have DISCOVERED that babies show racial bias.  <–Read how these crack academicians are spending their resources.

Who was tapped to fund this “study” to confirm the obvious? The article cites a “Grant” from Wake Forest University.  (Does this mean that it comes from tax dollars??)  

Humans are tribal and of course babies would have an inherent bias towards people who look more like their mama. That would be inherent to a survival instinct, particularly during their extremely dependent stage of development.

Apr 14

Michael Bloomberg: Thinks He Could Tell God What to Do

Michael Bloomberg: ‘I Have Earned My Place in Heaven’ | The Weekly Standard.

Crazy former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is contemplating his afterlife: “Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation, he said with a grin: “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.””  -the Weekly Standard.

Yes, Bloomberg possibly thinks his avid support of abortion as well as birth control for underage kids has prepared him a place of honor in heaven.

His religion is very different….

Apr 14

Did You Know? Abortion is Tax Deductible


Sandra's "nutritional supplement"

Sandra’s “nutritional supplement”

Says the Washington Examiner:  While lefties are wailing and gnashing their teeth about Hobby Lobby not wanting to buy abortions / sterilizations / birthcontrol……… tax payers can deduct abortion and any type of birth control which is prescribed by a doctor.

Isn’t that special?

ultrasound guided abortion suction machine -Jiutouniao

ultrasound guided abortion suction machine -Jiutouniao

Apr 14

Stupid Educator Trick: Western Washington U Striving to Become Less White

University calls the amount of white people on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to have fewer.

Races of people gradually ‘melt together’ and become Brown, whenever they mix in the same locale.  The race batting lefties have  bent over backwards to halt this natural process.

Racism and bigotry is on the rise as the left pursues its agenda to divide and conquer America.  The latest example comes from Western Washington University, where its President, Bruce Shepard, Stupid Educator Trick personified, is pushing to make the university less White.

The problem always has been how to keep minorities in the college system after freshman year.  More minority students  have trouble with being raised up, and attending  school in ‘war zones’, and missing out on the educational material necessary to succeed in college.

The usual stupid educator tricks involve closing the best urban schools (as Obama did in Washington DC), giving affirmative action admissions to minorities in college, and dumbing down the curriculum to make up for declining quality of early education. The latter two jobs being eagerly pursued at Western Washington University, which is openly looking for more ways to make the school “less white”.  It’s a recipe for American failure, just as the lefties intended.

Universities would have naturally become less White, without any affirmative action or dumbing down of curriculum, had the left not had such strong programs of 1) encouraging people not to work for a living, and 2) aborting minority babies at rates so much higher than whites.

Can we name a single human endeavor that the lefties have not screwed up?

Apr 14

ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION- J.D. Winteregg Slams John Boehner

John Boehner’s young political primary challenger, J.D. Winteregg  has come out of the box with a hilariously effective ad.  You won’t forget this one.  Click HERE for a look. 

It’s so good, you might even donate to the Winteregg campaign after you crack up laughing.

if your Boehner lasts more than 23 years

if you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years

can't punch its way out of a paper bag

inability to  punch one’s  way out of a paper bag

your electile dysfunction could be a question of blood flow

your electile dysfunction could be a question of blood flow

J.D. Winteregg for Congress

J.D. Winteregg for Congress

Apr 14

The Debts of the Parents are Collected from the Children by the IRS.

Apparently the IRS has begun the practice of seizing the tax returns of citizens in order to satisfy supposed debts of their parents to the government.  It seems that they are not required to supply proof of said debt, nor are they giving effective  prior notice before taking the money.

Tax payers now have another reason to attempt to pay only what is owed on their taxes so that no return is due after they file.

From the Washington Post comes a story of a woman whose tax return mysteriously disappeared into the bowels of the IRS. When she sought explanation, she was told that a social security overpayment (stemming from the death of her father)  to her now-deceased  mother was being collected from her, as the one of her remaining siblings who 1) has an income, and 2, could be located.

This woman, Mary Grice was able to file suit, in order to find out what was going on.  It seems that the IRS initially seized the entire $4,462 tax returns, but after the Washington Post inquired about the case, some of this was returned, as the supposed debt was only for $2,996 dollars. Grice wants all of the money back, because she is not the one who incurred the supposed debt.

Get ready for some surprises from the IRS if anyone in your family has overdrawn government benefits.  It seems that this new practice was authorized by the farm bill, 110th Congress Public Law 246, extending the ability to collect debts beyond.  10 years.  In 2011, the Treasury dept started grabbing this money more agressively, and this year has collected $75 million on debts, which are more than 10 years old, and stopped a total of $1.9 billion from tax refunds.

Apr 14

From Breitbart Texas: 35 ‘Acts of Love’

35 ‘Acts of Love’.  <– Click to see a counterpoint to Jeb Bush’s thesis that immigrating illegally can be an act of love.

Some theorize that Jeb is saying things to  purposely disqualify himself from presidential candidacy.  Perhaps he knows how many of us would refuse to vote for him if he won the republican primary.

Reforming immigration should not reward those who break the law.  Instead it should streamline the process so that legal immigrants don’t have to pay for specialized legal advice in order  to comply with a byzantine legal labyrinth.  The U.S. would benefit from more legal immigrants who want to be Americans,  not lawbreakers.

Apr 14

Sebelius Can’t Take It Anymore

Kathleen Sebelius has “resigned” her position as Secretary of Health and Human Services, after delivering the failed offering of Obamacare to the public. The exhausting sessions in front of Congress, giving made up numbers and self contradictory statements have taken their toll. She can’t take the public “floggings” anymore.
After existing private insurance plans, made illegal by Obamacare have been pulled, many people are unable to sign up or afford the government designed alternatives. While the government is claiming that 7 million people have signed up, it seems that the exchanges, with their lack of ability to make collections and actually make the connections of people with their supposed new insurance plans, lack the ability to enumerate who has paid, and who actually has active health insurance.
Possibly Sebelius has grown tired of making up stories about Obama’s train wreck health care plan. More likely, she’s symbolic sacrifice to relieve the downward pressure that Obamacare is having on Democrat election chances this November.

sebelius websites for dummies - Memphis Daily News

sebelius websites for dummies – Memphis Daily News

Apr 14

New York Inspects Tanning Salons More Often than Abortion Clinics

There are 25 abortion clinics recognized to be under the purview of the New York State health department, but they are not visited very often for inspection.  Eight clinics were never inspected in the years between 2000, and 2012, five were inspected one time, and eight were inspected two or three times.  Altogether, the 25 clinics were paid a total of 45 visits in 12 years.  New York State inspects restaurants every year (and harassed some during the power outages after Storm Sandy).  Tanning salons are required to suffer inspections at least every two years.  

Abortion advocates claim that there are 225 abortion providers in New York State.  Facilities are permitted to perform abortions without revealing this in their operating certificates, explained Elizabeth Sullivan, records official at the Health Dept. The Department apparently does not maintain a full listing of abortion providers.

The Chiaroscuro Foundation, an organization which works to reduce abortions,  filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit in order to pry this information from the state.

Other Abominations from New York
What Else is Wrong with NYC? Health Dept. App for Kid Sex
Birth Controlling the High School Herds in New York City
Breastmilk: How will Mayor Bloomberg Control the Quantity Babies Drink?

Apr 14

Mozilla Taking Backlash for Firing Brendan Eich

Mozilla, the company which brought us the open source browser, Firefox, Thunderbird mail client has really stepped in it.  It seems that their co-founder Brendan Eich, (also the inventor of Java), has become persona-non-grata, for his politically incorrect views.

Eich has recently been made CEO.  Then someone discovered that he had given a thousand bucks in support of California’s proposition 8, a law supporting traditional marriage, way back in 2008.   This made him anathema to the Gaystapo and other totalitarian leftists, and demands were made for Mozilla to fire him.

Naturally Mozilla folded, and forced Eich to resign.  Since then, thousands of people have been writing and petitioning Mozilla over this issue.  Some say that the company is experiencing it’s own “Duck Dynasty” disaster.  Remember what happened to A&E after they tangled with Phil Robertson?  Below is what the Mozilla Firefox feedback page looked like this morning (April 7th).  It seems that more than 90 percent of respondents are Unhappy with Mozilla for dumping Brandon Eich over his past support of traditional marriage.

Mozilla having a Duck Dynasty Experience, after dumping Brendan Eich

Mozilla having a Duck Dynasty Experience, after dumping Brendan Eich

Some note that way back in 2008, when Eich made his contribution, Barack Hussein Obama claimed to hold the same view about traditional marriage. No one is asking for Obama to resign.

You can drop a message on the Firefox input page, to let the Mozilla people know how you feel. Truthrevolt.org has a petition page relevant to this issue, where you can give Mozilla a piece of your mind.  Pharmer is now using Opera, a browser created by a Norwegian company, to put this post onto the blog, and is fixing to remove Firefox and the Thunderbird programs from all the network computers.


Apr 14

Modestly Proposing that Abortion is Good

Abortion: the best thing since sliced bread.

Adam’s abortion commentary impelled Pharmer of Redneckia to dredge  past memories of literate pursuits, and Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal“, (which is worse than ‘Soylent Green’), came to mind. Click to hear Adam.

The satire that kids put out has to really bite deep to get a response, because they have had so much audio visual shock administered early in life.  Adam tried to go farther and crazier than the abortion supporters of today to elicit the laughter from his peers.  The problem is that being crazier than the abortion extremists is impossible, and that’s what has some people  wondering if Adam was kidding.

This confusion is the same thing that occurred with the “Abortionplex” parody put out by The Onion.  Some people really believed that the abortion sellers had (already) created such a facility……..just because it is within the realm of possibility.

See also: 
-Hospitals in UK incinerating aborted babies for heat.
-A Modest Proposal, by Johnathan Swift

Apr 14

Another Extension to sign up for Obamacare

Yes, Obamacare is one big FAIL after another, so after Sebelius said no more extensions, there is another extension.

More hilarity from the California Obamacare exchange….. after this ad…..

unfortunately the government closes on Chavez day

unfortunately the government closes on Chavez day

the site assistance was closed on March 31, the formerly designated ‘last day to sign up.

Mar 14

New Standards for Hypertension Treatment

Millions could go off blood pressure meds – Yahoo News.

New ‘guidelines’ for treatment of hypertension has pushed blood pressure targets to 150/90 rather than 140/90, in adults over age 60.  According to an estimate coming out of Duke University, this could cause 25% (6 million) those on blood pressure drugs to stop taking their meds.

Pharmer sees this as part of the Obamacare cost cutting pattern.   Note that the standards of  “need” for mammography, colonoscopy, and various other health measures have recently been downgraded.

One wonders if the pharmaceutical and medical supply companies were forewarned that many of their products and services would no longer be needed with the roll out of Obamacare and the upcoming single-payer plan.

Mar 14

Stupid Educator Trick: Weird Sex Ed in Switzerland

Graphic ‘Sex Box’ for Swiss Kindergartners has Genitalia to Teach Kids that Sex is Pleasurable | TheBlaze.com.

Two of the possible reasons that schools in Switzerland might have adopted the sex indoctrination program (story linked above) are given below.

1) Swiss lefties have so lost cerebral cortical activity that they believe their offspring have to be taught how to play with themselves.

2) Swiss leftists feel more comfortable having sex with young children, and wish to formally prepare the kids for the interactions in kindergarten.

Click that link if you have a strong stomach, and see if you can come up with more possible motivations for this toxic weirdness.

Mar 14

Former White House Aide Dishes on Michelle / White House Defends

White House ex-aide: First Lady Michelle Obama has turned East Wing into ‘worst wing’ – NY Daily News.

Reid Cherlin has bailed from his job as an assistant press secretary and is making his bucks by dishing on work life with the Obamas.  He repeats what we’ve been hearing for years, that Michelle is not loving the constraints of First Lady-ism, and that this adversely affects those who service her day to day needs in the East wing of the White House.

A Michelle-administration spokesperson has defended her thusly: “From day one, the First Lady ambitiously set out to make a measurable impact on the lives of everyday American families. The First Lady is laser-focused on moving the needle wherever and whenever possible.”

Work has become  “moving the needle”.

Dear White House spokes-BOT:  please understand just how stupid this sounds to the people in this country who produce things, and perform useful services.  Please also understand that the rest of the world is laughing at the community organizers who think that “moving the needle” is a useful occupation.

Vladimir Putin has at least 3 more years of space in which to rebuild the Soviet Union, generated by the brain vacuum in Washington DC.

Mar 14

Matt Bevins has Tea Party and Conservative Support

Matt Bevin, the  underdog challenger to Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell , is endorsed by various tea party groups, including Tea Party Patriots.  Bevin is a more conservative pro-lifer than most, and therefore could not garner the support of some of the mainstream “pro-life” groups.  They might not agree with his idea of cutting medicaid funding for birth control.  They might also find his family of 9 kids, four of whom are adopted from Ethiopia, to be over the top.

Andrew Bair, writing in LifeNews,  notes that Bevin has support from the Northern Kentucky Right to Life organization, a group too conservative to be on his radar.  NKRTL is an uncompromisingly pro-life  group which opposes the birth control scam with which the left has successfully held women in thrall.  Mitch McConnell does not answer survey questions coming from Northern Kentucky Right to Life.

On the other hand, Tea Party support for Matt Bevins has been due to such things as  his insistence upon debt limits, and respect for immigration law. Mitch  McConnell has voted many times to increase the government debt ceiling, (thereby funding Obamacare), and has been  supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Pro-lifers such as Andrew Bair would do well to ponder if it is OK to vote to increase government debt, (thereby upholding the basis of the anti-life  Obamacare), to allow people who broke immigration law to push ahead of immigrants who have shown respect for U.S. laws, and to give these illegals access to health care coverage which has been R E M O V E D from working Americans.

Mar 14

USS Barack Obama

TheTeaparty.net has been promulgating this on its Facebook Page.  Be sure to check this group out.

uss barack obama

Mar 14

Some UK Hospitals are Heated in Part by Incinerating Aborted Babies

It’s the ultimate in RECYCLING!!   Green energy for some UK hospitals comes from incinerating medical waste, part of which is aborted babies.

According to the UK Telegraph, Ten NHS trusts admit to having burned aborted babies along with rubbish, and two trusts have burned the fetal remains in “waste to energy” plants which provide heat for the hospitals.

Some parents are not consulted about the remains after a miscarriage, and these are burned as waste or for heat, as well as those babies who are aborted. Moms are sometimes told that the babies have been cremated. Between 2011 and 2013, the remains of 1101 unborn babies were cremated in the Ipswich Hospital “waste to energy plant” for example. This facility is operated by a private contractor, and a spokesperson of the Ipswich hospital is denying that remains from that hospital are incinerated.  Their concern is that remains from other hospitals are being burned there.

Read more of this disturbing news  at the UK Telegraph.

Mar 14

Kids in Danger of Contracting Stupidity from Educators in Virginia Beach City

The “educators” at Virginia Beach City Public Schools present a possibly serious hazard to children with whom they come in contact. Pharmer bestows on the administrators of Bayside Middle School, the Brown Pile, Stupid Educator Award for expelling sixth grader, Adrionna Harris.  Why?  Because she told them that she took a razor blade away from a fellow student who was CUTTING himself with it, and she immediately threw it away.

Yep, there is zero tolerance for handling a razor blade long enough to pitch it, whether saving another person from harm or not.

Fortunately Adrionna has not been made stupid, by her “educators” even though they punished her for acting judiciously to save another student from himself.   She says that she would do the same thing again, despite the punishment.  Hopefully she will continue to resist the efforts of her school to change her into a mindless automaton.  Her family wants to address the problems with the zero tolerance policy so that such bad judgment on the part of administrators does not adversely affect other students who choose to do the right thing.

Massive negative attention from the public and a television station has finally caused the school administration to rescind the expulsion.  There are continuing efforts to make sure that any negativity associated with this incident is expunged from Adrionna’s record.

Parents need to be alert to the idiocy fostered at so many of the schools, and work to undo the damage inflicted by the current crop of air heads who propagate the mindless, “zero tolerance” policies.

Mar 14

Samuel Adams Brewers Withdraw from St. Patrick’s Day Parade over Gays

Samuel Adams Brewers Withdraw from St. Patrick’s Day Parade over Gays.

The organizers of the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade have opted not to allow members of Mass Equality, a gay advocacy group to display their sexual orientation on signs.  For this reason, Samuel Adams Brewers is withdrawing from the parade.

Pharmer is withdrawing from the purchase of Samuel Adams beer.

There is no reason that groups of people should need to announce what kind of sex they like, while marching in a St. Patrick’s Day parade.  That is not the purpose of the parade, which originated as an Irish Catholic cultural and religious event.

Update:  Adding Guinness and Heineken to the list of beers to avoid.

It appears to be very important to three Brewing corporations that children have constant exposure to information regarding sex preferences.  It appears that Samuel Adams, Guinness and Heineken  require every event that they sponsor to have signage touting gay sexual orientation.