Feb 16

Googling in February

This is probably for the Chinese New Year, which starts today, 2/8.
It’s the year of the Monkey.
Waiting for the people of political correctness to lose their minds because it’s February in the USA…. :-P

Probably for Chinese New Year of the Monkey, but.....

Feb 16

CDC Suggests that Sexual Abstinence is Possible!

NEWS FLASH!  The CDC is recommending sexual abstinence for a specific group of pregnant women.  You won’t believe your eyes, but here it is, in a quote from a Feb 3, 2016 press release:

“Until more is known, CDC continues to recommend that pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant take the following precautions:

Pregnant women should consider postponing travel to the areas where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. Pregnant women who must travel to one of these areas should talk to their doctor or other healthcare professional first and strictly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites during the trip. Until we know more, if your male sexual partner has traveled to or lives in an area with active Zika virus transmission, you should abstain from sex or use condoms the right way every time you have vaginal, anal, and oral sex for the duration of the pregnancy.”

Mind you, the causal link between Zika virus and microcephaly has not actually been established, but this doesn’t stop the latest media hysteria.  Lefties are using this latest  wave of fear to push (late term) abortion into South America.  (It could be that they need more body parts for whatever research or industrial, or energy producing purposes.)  But isn’t it odd that suddenly ABSTINENCE is considered to be possible??

Jan 16

Boosting Courage

When a guy steps forward, and takes a huge personal and social risk in order to live according to his conscience, he deserves recognition and credit.  Joseph Sciambra probably gets death threats since deciding that human life, health, dignity and the Spirit of God  is infinitely more important than preference of sex, how much of it, and where to put it.

Your friendly Pharmer has concurred with this conclusion for a very long time, and wants people to live a full life here and beyond. Therefore, Mr. Sciambra gets a boost, prayers and best wishes.  Check out what he has to say HERE.

Jan 16

Count Down to AlGore’s Warmageddon

TIME’s UP!   We’re gonna BURN!

Algore predicted the world’s end by fire (global warming) On Jan 27, 2006. He said we had 10 years left, which gave Rush Limbaugh a big laugh. He’s had a countdown on his website, linked to the front page for 10 years. Today he’s got a special graphic moved to the top of the page.
There’s a party where Pharmer works tonight to celebrate WARMAGEDDON. Be sure to take some time to laugh at Algore, and pray that the world survives leftist economic and social policies.

UPDATE 2-27 We’re still HERE!!



Check out this special vid while you can.

Jan 16

At LA Times, They Wonder What Causes the Increase in STDs

On the left coast, it’s a mystery……. how are more people getting STDs?  Apparently the City of Angels  is now crawling.  Reporter Soumya Karlamangla, of the Los Angeles Times  is thinking that the dating apps, so effective for arranging quickies, might have something to do with it.

It’s easy.  More people will do it with anyone, anywhere, particularly in whacky Los Angeles.  STD testing kits are touted as a means to prevent the spread, but it’s one thing to get your home test for “buggs”, and another thing to obtain effective treatment.   Either venture, the purchase of the test, and seeking the treatment, has both cost and stigma attached, and it has long been noted  that those testing positive may not return for the cure.  Additionally many of the STDs  are never cured, and often last much longer than  marriages.

Consider the possibility that mutual STD tests might become a part of foreplay for a new couple, who  want to make sure that they have matching infections.  The medically literate sometimes like to use the euphemism “STI” instead, since sexually transmitted INFECTION somehow seems gentler to them than sexually transmitted DISEASE.

Pondering the accelerating spread of STDs,  it’s sort of understandable  that  so many of the Japanese simply don’t want to bother with sex anymore.  That society is  literally starting to check out of life.

Hey!  How about sticking with one partner?

Jan 16

Protected: Buying on Etsy? Watch the Calendar

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Jan 16

Replace the faulty Washington Politicians says Colorado Senate Campaign ad

Conservative candidate Robert Blaha points out that the Washington politicians, particularly Senator Michael Bennett D Colorado, need to be replaced. They’re not getting the job done,

from our exploding borders

If the Plumber can't fix the leak (illegal immigration)

If the Plumber can’t fix the leak (illegal immigration)

to the pain of Obamacare which was designed to fail.

The pain of Obamacare which is designed to fail

The pain of Obamacare likened to incompetently performed  proctological exam

Mr. Blaha is promising that if he can’t produce significant change in his first term, he’ll volunteer to leave office, and that if he succeeds, he will limit himself to 2 terms.

Watch the ad here.

Dec 15

Revisiting Leftist Democrat Abuse of Their Female Elder

Obama speechwriter, John Favreau gives us a giant, nauseating dollop of leftist hypocrisy.

Feelie exhibitionist John Favreau says that Trump is gross

Feelie exhibitionist, John Favreau says that Trump is gross

If you’re a leftie like Favreau, you can conduct any kind of disrespectful action towards a woman, have it photographed, and willfully DISPLAY it on your FACEBOOK page. After your employers make you apologize for it, and take it down, you are then absolved of all your transgressions, and may then judge when another person uses a Yiddish word for penis to describe that same woman being defeated, and basically screwed by the party for which she sacrificed all of her own honor and credibility.

Here’s Jon Favreau, Obama speech writer, groping the breast area of a cardboard cut out of Hillary, as celebration of Obama’s victory over her. This pic did survive for a couple hours on Favreau’s Facebook page before he was made to take it down. Perhaps he thinks that Trump was wrong to say that the Democrat party “schlonged” Hillary in 2008. Perhaps they only groped her private places before they threw her into the ditch, and put Obama in the place that had been promised to her.

Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton

Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton

In leftie-land, it is a lot easier to forgive any abuse or disrespect of women if the perpetrator supports abortion. That gave Bill Clinton a pass for much worse than Jon Favreau’s tacky performance.

Related:  Elder Abuse

Dec 15

Web DUMPSTER: Merrill Lynch Spins the Joy of Non-Retirement

Your Friendly Pharmer has expected non-retirement for decades.  It was easy to observe that the concept of retirement would end along with the stupid idea of buying houses worth 4 or 5 times the annual income.

Throughout human history, people worked until very close to the time of death. The concept of retirement was an anomaly which has to come to an end.  Get used to it.

Investing with the Merrill Lynch becomes a questionable decision, given their effort to spin the fact that the retirement concept is a mirage for almost everyone, as a matter of choice or personal fulfillment. The so called “career break” corresponds to the time it takes for people to realize that they really could not financially sustain retirement.

Woudn’t it be better if investment advice could come from people who tell the truth?

Merrill Lynch spins  the hard fact that retirement is a mirage.

Merrill Lynch spins the hard fact that retirement is a mirage.


Dec 15

What Was Your Name?

Remember that you can find the good stuff that You Tube censors on VIMEO. Why not get into a habit of going there first to look for what you want? This is a vid of a woman’s grief and recovery from abortion by Joyce Bartholomew.

I Wish I Could Have Known Your Name - Listen on VIMEO

What Was Your Name – Listen on VIMEO