Jul 15

Free IUDs for School Kids in Washington State.

From Lifenews comes the announcement that Seattle school kids, from sixth grade up, can have an IUD or other form of long term birth control implanted without parental consent.  Featured in the articles is (culturally diverse)  Chief Sealth International High School, which began participating in this effort in 2010, but the program has since spread to other schools.
The chance of a life threatening adverse event from a IUD being caught in time is drastically reduced when  a child  is afraid to tell her parents that she has had one implanted by the government  “Take Charge” (of your kids) program. Naturally it has planned parenthood written all over it.
It seems that Washington state has perceived an unethical “need” to control its minority populations.  It has been doing so in an unethical way, by targeting free birth control in its minority urban neighborhoods.  This is the natural consequence of allowing big government to coalesce.
This state provided birth control plan further takes matters out of the hands of parents.

Jun 15

The New Campus Rebellion

Want to really stand out as an individual on campus?  Are you wanting to avoid the lines at the student health center, waiting for your metronidazole, azithromycin, etc?   Learn about the Anscombe Society, and think about starting one at your institution of higher education.  So vigorously individualistic was the philosopher, G.E.M. Anscombe, after whom these groups are named,  that she received an admiring obituary even at the UK Guardian

At this time, a high proportion of college students are practically ‘doing it in the road’, as the concept of sexual exclusivity, and its moral and medical underpinnings have not been introduced to their minds.  The most counter cultural thing you can do is to swim against this tide, and reap significant health benefits as a result.

Let curiosity get the best of you and click those links!

Jun 15

Did the Pope Say That About Weapon’s Manufacturers?

The latest, off the cuff comment attributed to Pope Francis is that weapons manufacturers are being hypocritical if they call themselves Christian.
The somewhat imprecise headline has spread far and wide to such places as the Times of India, which used this quote from the Pope’s speech against war in Turin, Italy. “It makes me think of … people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit a distrust, doesn’t it?”

This immediately sent your friendly Pharmer to see if the Swiss Guard at the Vatican is still armed. Despite the Pope having recently dismissed a commander of the guard after 8 years of service, there is no indication that he has disarmed his protectors, who, per Wikipedia and Catholicism.org apparently carry a traditional halberd and various small firearms as well as automatic rifles. Images of the Swiss Guard’s armory, and their  firearms  are provided at Guns.com.

The Pope is expected to be very idealistic, but risks being marginalized if he brands people in the industry which is supplying his own guards as hypocritical. The Church has not yet come out against self defense.

Jun 15

Abortion Pill Drone

The latest War on Women will be carried out using drones to drop abortion pills in countries where they are restricted or illegal. According to the UK Telegraph, Women on Waves plans to fly a drone from Frankfurt Germany, and drop packages of mifepristone and misoprostil combos to targets in Slubice, Poland. Women there are expected to take the pills, which frequently don’t complete the abortion process. Without medical oversight, they will manage their side effects, ranging from hemorrhage, infection, and death, in the privacy of their own abodes.
Whether or not it is legal for Women on Waves to drop the pills in Poland is a questionable issue. Most certainly, the women who use the drone dropped pills will be facing legal consequences in Poland, if they reveal the information when they appear at hospitals to manage disastrous outcomes. This, of course will inhibit women from seeking medical care, as they would if they lost a baby through natural causes. Killing or maiming women in order to get abortion legalized in Poland seems to be the plan.
Who cares about women’s health when there is a political agenda to push?

Jun 15

Environmental Impact of Family Breakdown

The Greenies have been orgasmic over the purported references to man made climate change in the Pope’s latest encyclical.  Without a direct and reliable translation in hand, one can’t be sure what is actually in that document, despite media “interpretations”.

One thing that is almost never mentioned, (and we’re not hearing it this week) is the destructive impact of Family Breakdown on the environment.
When each family splits and
occupies two dwellings instead of one,
runs two furnaces,
runs two air conditioners,
runs two hot water heaters,
buys double sets of household furniture and equipment,
shuttles the kids between parents on planes, trains, buses and automobiles,
generates double paperwork for legal matters and records
“Gaia” (mother earth) is crying out from the double assault.

When moms decide that their babies don’t need a real daddy, and the government will take his place,
the paperwork is monumental, and there is an exponential increase in tree death. Social service workers charge out in their Priuses to rescue the “at risk” children. This is not sustainable.

The Pope and other religious leaders are invited to directly address this topmost assault on the environment. There’s no need to subscribe to the false religion of man made climate change to espouse practical environmental stewardship.

Jun 15

Capitalism Down on the Pharm

Blog visitors have noted the slowdown in output Down on the Pharm.   Your friendly Pharmer is busy with the health care career, the usual summer growing season and……… starting a new business!!  This fufills the long standing dream of becoming an American Capitalist by producing a useful and wonderful product and selling it for profit!

Profit is that wonderful thing which allows us to have income and sustain ourselves and our families.  Capitalism is the most wonderful economic system on the planet, and, compared to other systems, has drawn the greatest number of humans out of poverty.  If all participants  religiously avoid stealing the work and property of others, Capitalism will reach perfection as an economic system.

The best way to encourage fellow Americans towards productivity, excellence and the overt and joyous seeking of profit is to learn and participate in the actual process of owning a business.

The next consideration for this blog is to reformat it to escape the purgatory of Google suppression.  Meanwhile, there will be occasional publications addressing the need to protect freedom of speech, and religion, and defend against tyranny.

Jun 15

Ex-Gays Fighting Repression from the LGBT cultists

If it’s considered OK to change from one sex identity to another, why are gay activists and their leftist friends fighting to shut down the opportunities for those with unwanted same sex attraction to affirm their desired sexual identity?  Does type of coercive behavior identify the activist groups as cults?

Christopher Doyle is a counselor who works to resolves conflicts of sexual identity for individuals and their families.   His clinical method is not to push people in a particular direction, but to work with them to achieve their own goals with respect to resolving their sexual identity.  This, however, frequently involves helping those who have unwanted same sex attraction to resolve those issues, and become what is called “ex-gay”.  His group conforms  to the APA standard of treating  same sex attraction as a variant of sexuality and not a mental illness.  He notes that while his work is acceptable to most LGBT people, the activists vehemently oppose this, and are trying to shut down the availability of such counseling to young people and adults. This has included legislation in some states which forbid the kind of counseling to allow a person to become “ex-gay”.

As the LGBT extremist activists go over the top in trying to silence all who do not agree ethically with such things as same sex marriage, and to ostracize all same sex attracted people who would rather not live a homosexual lifestyle,  Christopher Doyle notes that young people are starting to see the activist driven, sexual  “equality” movement as false.



May 15

How to FAX your Senator or Representative.

If you want to FAX your congressman instead of getting your comments lost in the email, delayed for weeks in the snail mail, or ignored on the phone, try this site at bebusinessed.com.  A link will be permanently located on the sidebar. Faxing may also give you the opportunity to reach representatives outside your own district. Other means to contact the politicians is also supplied in an easy to use interface.  What’s going on at this site?  Naturally, it has ‘reviews’ of online and fax by email services.   Not everyone has immediate access to fax, so the advice to try that as a means to get to your congressman seems very sound.

This link was supplied by Sandra, who supports HR 546, the ACE Kids act of 2015 .

Apr 15

GoFundMe Kowtows to Leftist Extremists of “Gaystapo”

While the Shona Banda legal fundraiser remains up (as of 4-28-15) at GoFundMe,  the fundraisers for Sweet Cakes and Barronelle Stutzman have been removed.

Shona Banda’s house was raided by cops, after her son made comments in favor of medical marijuana at his school in Kansas.  Ms. Banda had moved to the state from Colorado where she had legal access to legal weed, said to be for a health condition.  The raid produced some cannabis oil and 2 oz of the weed itself.  Her son has been removed from the home, and felony charges are expected.

GoFundMe has given the excuse that the Sweet Cake’s fundraiser was suspended because they have been formally charged with a heinous crime [of not baking a cake for a same sex wedding].  This does not wash since the fundraiser was to benefit the mom and kids who were not present at the time of refusal.  It is obvious:  GoFundMe will raise legal defense for people found with illegal marijuana in the home, but not for the benefit of the family supported by the Sweet Cakes business, which is charged with not  baking a cake for a same sex wedding.

Businesses will have to decide whether it is in their interest to kowtow to the extremists  of the “Gaystapo”, or continue having wider access to commerce with the general population. Fundraisers and donors are encouraged to use a different venue until GoFundMe regains realistic business priorities.

Apr 15

Idaho City Forces Pastors to Officiate Same Sex Weddings or Go To Jail

You knew it would come to this, but it certainly has happened very quickly.  It no longer is a choice for Religious Ministers to participate in same sex weddings in the city of Couer d’Alene, Idaho.

A city ordinance demands the participation of local pastors, and those who refuse face jail and a daily fine of $1000 dollars.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is taking up the case of Pastors Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who declined on Friday to officiate a ceremony.   They now face a 180 day jail sentence  and $1000 dollars fine for each day they refuse to comply.