Biden NYT Aneurysm scam linked on Google

I sent this to Drudge report already. But I would also like to record it on my private blog.
new york times page shows 1988 ap article about Biden’s second aneurysm. 20 year difference!

Giuliani was right. Biden is gone.
“Well, I’ll tell you, if I were Joe Biden, I’d want to get that V.P. thing in writing.”

Why does a 2008 NYT Times page show a May 4 1988 article about Biden’s old Aneurysm?

Go look at it before it disappears. When it does, no problem. I took a screen shot. I will ask for that to be published.

Will there be an investigation? A similar thing causes a run on AIRLINE STOCK. Billions!

Bishops correct Biden

Biden is another one of the wimpy self styled ‘catholics’ who wouldn’t impose their own ‘belief’s about abortion on others. (This blogger notes the current attempts to impose the abortion culture upon health care professionals. Once this is completed, abortion will then be imposed upon women, as in China.)


“The bishops said Biden was right to say human life begins at conception. But the church “does not teach this as matter of faith; it acknowledges it as a matter of objective fact,” they said.

“Protection of innocent human life is not an imposition of personal religious conviction but a demand of justice,” they added.”

You Tube censorship

For awhile I will leave up the video bar as it is, so anyone who visits can see that You tube censored the videos from the students at LA advocate, demonstrating the racist propensities of Planned parenthood. Several employees were recorded, accepting offers of money earmarked to abort Black babies. I guess that’s information that You Tube officials would rather you not know.

Obama and Biden trip and fall

Sarah Palin has the opposition worked up into a frenzy. Obama’s use of ‘lipstick on a pig’ to refer to Palin directly, and Biden’s admonition that Palin should be advocating the failed Embryonic stem cell research if she really cares about kids with disabilities have the democratic campaign in more hot water.
I think these guys are their own worst enemy. So noooooooo I won’t be asking them to stop their antics. This campaign season is more entertaining than any diversion I might pay money to see.

I’m saving bucks and watching the fun.

When Justice Thomas Speaks, Listen UP

Supreme court justice Clarence Thomas is known as the quiet guy on the court. So when he has something to say, I listen.
This time, he’s telling us that that Blacks are best served by colorblind policies. Excerpt from the Breitbart news:

“Thomas, addressing leaders of historically black colleges, said affirmative action “has become this mantra and there almost has become this secular religiosity about it. I think it almost trumps thinking.””

“A longtime opponent of race-based preferences in hiring and school admissions, Thomas said, “Just from a constitutional standpoint, I think we’re going to run into problems if we say the Constitution says we can consider race sometimes.””

In a routine internet search for the news, I followed a link to a fascinating New York Times article “Palin fuses motherhood and politics in a new way”. The author, Jodi Kantor carefully avoids the more obvious abuse of Sarah Palin by the media, concerning her ability to simultaneously serve as mother and public official. However this quote caught my eye: “In just a few months, she has gone from hiding her pregnancy from those closest to her to toting her infant on stage at the Republican National Convention.”

As a prolife mother, I feel it’s my place to explain to reporters another significant reason why a woman, sharing my beliefs about abortion, might conceal a pregnancy when there is an untoward fetal diagnosis. Each time a mom like us mentions that her unborn child has been diagnosed with a disability, she risks hearing the suggestion that she ought to abort. This suggestion might come from coworkers, friends or even family members. With it comes a piece of information that we’d rather not know: someone we care about believes that it’s OK to kill a baby prior to birth. It’s a sad bit of news, each time it happens. Even having a few kids in rapid succession as I did, later in life, can bring this kind of information.. But moms who obtain a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are expected to abort, and 80 to 90 percent of them actually do.
I dodged most of the problems of prenatal diagnosis and the information it could have brought about people in my life. I refused the alpha-fetoprotein tests each time. It was necessary to sign a release form, since physicians (including those with don’t do abortions) need protection from the lawyers of patients who change their minds. Obstetricians are real lawyer-bait.

Other prolife moms might want to consider this. The prenatal testing isn’t mandatory, For now, it remains your Choice, whether or not to have it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Planned parenthood covers up more abuse

This time it’s a 13 year old, California girl who received unwanted sperm donations from her stepfather for many months. He impregnated her, obtained an abortion for her, and continued molesting her.
This was finally halted when the mother found documents pertaining to the abortion.

When reading these court documents you’ll wonder if the girl’s mother was completely comatose during all these proceedings. But at least she promptly did something about it when she discovered the abuse.

On the other hand, Planned Parenthood is so accustomed to handling business like this, that the pregnancy of the 13 year old didn’t raise an eyebrow. The same apparently goes for San Francisco general hospital, at which the abortion actually took place, persuant to the Planned Parenthood referral.

There are some Activists who would like to pass laws regulating such providers of medical services who exempt themselves from the duty of reporting suspected abuse of minors. It seems that even Arnold Schwarzenegger is behind the proposition 4 issue in the state of California. I think this legislation might help in many cases, but not in the one mentioned here, since the stepfather was the one obtaining the abortion services for his victim.

It is the intention of Obama, who is closely allied with Planned Parenthood, that the kinds of health care providers mentioned in this case, will be the only ones remaining.

For girls, the U.S. might become a cross between Thailand and China. That’s an unpleasant thought.