CTV British Columbia – Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence – CTV News

CTV British Columbia – Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence – CTV News.

Yep it’s Canada……. they were afraid of violence from their lefties so they had to cancel Anne Coulter’s speech at the university of Ottawa.

If you bother to click on the newslink above,  you’ll see another Canadian sign……… the comments are closed.  😉

Anne Coulter is stirring the pot, and has filed grievance with the Human Rights Commission. Seems that she has been targeted as a member of a particular religious and ideological group, for suppression of her free expression.  At issue is a letter from Francois Houle, provost of the University of Ottawa, in which she was advised on what is considered acceptable speech in Canada.

This is a leftist pot, Anne is stirring and she should wear a face mask and eye shield, as well as neoprene gloves.

Neugebauer, quit apologizing. Stupak Tarnished the House

Stupak: Pro-Life Congressman Who Called Bill a Baby Killer “Tarnished” House.

Bart Stupak is a carbuncle upon the face of the house, and is owed no apology.  Also identifying Obamacare for the baby killer that it is, in no way  demeans the house.

In fact, the only reason the house approval number  is not a single digit (the middle finger)  is that we sometimes hear a Neugebauer or a Wilson speak up, and tell it like it is.

Cochrane review: Morning After Pills

Advance provision of emergency contraception for pregnancy prevention ——– DOES NOT REDUCE PREGNANCY RATES in the populations studied.

However the reviewers  conclude that it should be available anyway.   (Child molesters need to have access to them).

The review claims….. studies compare  populations with prescription availability to populations with over the counter availability.

The review authors do not know how the morning after pills work, and therefore misbrand them as emergency contraceptives, as does the increasingly  useless US  FDA.

The Center for Reproductive Rights,  ever attentive to the needs of pedophiles, is encouraging the FDA to extend over the counter availability to minor girls,  though there is no data on effects in this population, and particularly the long term safety.   Trot over to Jill Stanek’s blog for that video and the rest of the story.

Fun with Stupak, or Pick Your Own “Pro-life” Turncoat Congressman

Get your video cameras ready for some theatrics.

Purchase 30 pieces of silver (rounds or coins)   from your favorite metals dealer.   Do it as an individual or group.  Donate it to a Crisis Pregnancy Center or other,  willing, pro-life, charitable beneficiary,  to use as a hedge against inflation.  They can sell off when they need to,  and use it for operating expenses.  It’s a nice gift which can be given in the name of the one you’d like to irritate.

Send a photo of the silver, a receipt and a bill to your favorite turncoat, bogus ‘ pro-life’ politician.

Upload a video record of the fun to the internet and send a copy to your political pal with that receipt.

(Checking with a dealer today, Silver rounds were at $16.97.  Purchasing price  would be $17.97 apiece.  The market value changes  a good deal from day to day.)

Pharmer Cannot Tell a Lie

by omission. Here are the Dems who joined Republicans in voting against the senate version of the health care bill.

The 34 Democrats to vote against the Senate bill were: Reps. John Adler (N.J.), Jason Altmire (Pa.), Michael Arcuri (N.Y.), John Barrow (Ga.), Marion Berry (Ark.), Dan Boren (Okla.), Rick Boucher (Va.), Bobby Bright (Ala.), Ben Chandler (Ky.), Artur Davis (Ala.), Lincoln Davis (Tenn.), Chet Edwards (Texas), Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.), Tim Holden (Pa.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Frank Kratovil (Md.), Dan Lipinski (Ill.), Stephen Lynch (Mass.), Jim Marshall (Ga.), Jim Matheson (Utah), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Michael McMahon (N.Y.), Charlie Melancon (La.), Walt Minnick (Idaho), Glenn Nye (Va.), Collin Peterson (Minn.), Mike Ross (Ark.), Heath Shuler (N.C.), Ike Skelton (Mo.), Zack Space (Ohio), John Tanner (Tenn.), Gene Taylor (Miss.) and Harry Teague (N.M.)

Any amendments, clarifications, corrections will be appreciated.

Locals note that Cincinnati, Ohio’s Steve Driehaus and Indiana 9th’s Baron Hill are not on this list.

Joseph Cao   Rep.  LA voted against the Senate bill.

Planned Parenthood: Obama executive order for Stupak is meaningless

Here’s your sign… to the self styled pro-lifers who thought that any kind of Obamacare could be made acceptable to an active human conscience.

Planned Parenthood: Pro-Abortion Bill a Victory, Executive Order Meaningless.

The truth comes straight out of planned unparenthood.  they are ecstatic, at the passage of the health care bill and the prospect of being one of the few industries to flourish with the abortion coercion planned therein.