Fun with Stupak, or Pick Your Own “Pro-life” Turncoat Congressman

Get your video cameras ready for some theatrics.

Purchase 30 pieces of silver (rounds or coins)   from your favorite metals dealer.   Do it as an individual or group.  Donate it to a Crisis Pregnancy Center or other,  willing, pro-life, charitable beneficiary,  to use as a hedge against inflation.  They can sell off when they need to,  and use it for operating expenses.  It’s a nice gift which can be given in the name of the one you’d like to irritate.

Send a photo of the silver, a receipt and a bill to your favorite turncoat, bogus ‘ pro-life’ politician.

Upload a video record of the fun to the internet and send a copy to your political pal with that receipt.

(Checking with a dealer today, Silver rounds were at $16.97.  Purchasing price  would be $17.97 apiece.  The market value changes  a good deal from day to day.)

2 thoughts on “Fun with Stupak, or Pick Your Own “Pro-life” Turncoat Congressman

  1. A Stupak topical twitter post grabber. That is hilarious! Thanks for the heads up!

    Stupak thought he was being abused before the vote.

    Now he won't be able to go outside without people pointing and laughing at him!

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