TFP Call to Chivalry

It’s a faith infused boot camp for the guys.

Call to Chivalry 2014 screen grab
Call to Chivalry 2014 -CLICK for video.

Read more about this 9 day camp experience at TFP Student Action.

Recently the guys were seen in front of of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic under construction in New Orleans.  It seems that construction has been stalled because no local contractors are wanting to pour a foundation for the abortion mill.   Word is out in pro-life news that the Archdiocese of New Orleans has stated that it won’t do business with contractors who work on that mill.



CookieCott 2014

Why boycott Girl Scout Cookies?.  <-click for the summary.

Girl Scouts of America are wiping their associations with Planned Parenthood and other pro abortion groups off of their websites as the Cookie-Cott gathers steam.

Old pro-lifers have been saying no to Girl Scout cookies, for years. Now the effort has reached critical mass.  The GSA’s latest endorsements of Kathleen Sebelius, (Cruella DeVil of Obamacare), the HHS Secretary, and Abortion Barbie- Wendy Davis (who filibustered in support of  late term abortion), have fired up the boycott efforts, so extensively that even the main stream media can’t ignore it.

Here’s a FLYER that you can download, print and pass around.

Join the CookieCott!  Pass it on!

Forty Days for Life, Out and About, Abortion Clinics Closing

The fearsome Forty Days For Life Campaign, that biennial event that has abortionist quaking, is doing it’s Autumn thing. This is a nationwide prayer and rally effort which is strongly associated with abortion clinic closures. Forty one of the clinics visited by this group have shut down, with the latest being in Livingston Montana.

Call a waaaaaaaaaaambulance for abortion sellers from Sept. 25, to Nov. 3, because these 40 days are bad for their business.  When people become more educated about the nature of abortion, it naturally becomes more unwanted.

Forty days prayer vigils have sprung up in 501 different cities around the world thus far.  There are 306 participating cities on the roster this fall.  You can use this map to find a prayer vigil near you, if you’d like to participate.  It’s a big part of the multi-tentacled effort to end the demand for killing babies prior to birth, and bring respect for all human life.

Follow the Forty Days for Life Fall campaign HERE.

Media Continues Malpractice after Zimmerman Acquittal

John Nolte of has provided a timeline of media abuse and dishonesty in coverage of the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case.    It includes misrepresentation of George Zimmerman’s race, which was key in morphing a local shooting incident into a race war, as well as a distraction from national scandals of the Obama administration.The timeline also shows examples of the media editing the 911 call that Zimmerman made, and falsely attributing racist statement to him, in order to whip up racial tensions.

The New York Times chose to cover the verdict in the Zimmerman case with the image of a protester outside the courthouse, a distraught Black woman, Darrsie Jackson  with her  two children, Linzey Stafford and Shauntina Stafford,   continuing the misrepresentation of this case as a racial issue.  Chris Hayes of MSNBC has weighed in with his tweeted opinion of the verdict. The media remains invested in producing a race war.

President Obama, who is perhaps up to 25% Black, depending on which story of his ancestry one believes,  assisted in the effort to divide America by publicizing his affinity for Trayvon Martin.   George Zimmerman, a registered Democrat, who is 12.5%Black, as well as Peruvian, from his mother’s lineage, was painted as a racist thug, who was looking for an opportunity to shoot a Black person.  Obama’s Justice Department’s Community Relations Service  forwarded money and personnel to help organize protestors in an attempt to influence the legal system as it managed the shooting incident. 

The jury has acquitted Zimmerman of the murder charges, but he certainly will not ever be free again.  The threat of retaliatory violence will follow him and his family everywhere, as a direct result of the media malfeasance, and intervention by the Obama administration, which appears to have a vested interest in fomenting racial turmoil in the United States.

Demand A Funeral For Gosnell’s Victims

Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist, was convicted of murdering live born babies. Since that time, pro-life groups have requested that the babies, found at his clinic, be buried like any other deceased humans. The Philadelphia Medical Examiner has refused a request by Fr. Frank Pavone to allow him to provide burial services for the murder victims.

Today there is a pro-life tweetfest, to encourage the medical examiner to change his mind. This very well might happen if enough people find out about the issue. Tweet your requests for funeral services for the babies using hashtag #Gosnellbabies. Please pass it on.

Tiny Anti-Gun Rally in Washington DC gets Big Coverage, While the Huge March for Life is Ignored

Reuters carefully kept the camera angles low to conceal the fact that the Anti-gun rally on Saturday, in Washington DC was less than a hundredth of the size of the annual March for Life.   “Thousands” were said to have attended.  See for yourself by checking out their slide show HERE.   This would be considered a mandate from the people for the Obama administration.

But 40 years of THIS  happening every January in the capitol means absolutely nothing to the Obama administration and its useless media.  Check out the 2013 March for life slide show found by Bing image search.
Nothing for the media to see here.  NYT had been ignoring it for years, but published just a little bit on it this time.
Here’s a video by Rico Viqueira at ground level, which gives some views of March for Life 2013 passing through.


Now…….. take a look at Telegraph TV, showing you  the “1 percent” at the anti-gun rally in DC, on the day after the March for Life.

Who do you think has the ear of the Obama administration?

Leftists Behind the Curve as Planned Parenthood Abandons “Pro-Choice” to Designate Pro-Abortion

3rd Annual Ask Them What They Mean By “Choice” Blog Day.

Jill Stanek is coordinating pro-life Bloggers efforts on the third annual “Blog for Choice” day, which is today.  Click above or her MAIN Blog to keep abreast of the days activities.

The abortion supporters  promote the now moribund “Choice” marketing of Abortion,  though planned parenthood has abandoned it.  Casting about for alternate promotional methods, PP has abused the image and holiday of Rev. Martin Luther King, whom his niece, Dr. Althea King, says was pro-life,  for its latest campaign.

Today is your chance to un-promote all of the abortionists. You can enter the discussion online. and utilize the hashtag #tweet4choice if you are on Twitter.   This hashtag might change as the day wears on, so it pays to keep current at Jill’s blog.

As the Abortion proponents use today as a special time  to market their wares,  Pro-lifers can turn the day into a big debate.  Don’t forget to remind people that the 40th anniversary March for Life is happening on the 25th, and that the media will ignore this huge rally,  even though it will be bigger than the crowd at the second inauguration of our abortionist-in-chief.

Abortion Doc Who Kills “Ugly Black Babies,” a Democrat Donor |

Abortion Doc Who Kills "Ugly Black Babies," a Democrat Donor |

Ashutosh Ron Virmani has gained national fame for his interaction with pro-life protestors. His message to them was that he aborts largely to keep tax payers from paying for kids on welfare. He admonished the protestors: “Lets see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

Virmani is active politically, and almost always donates to the Democrats. Click here and take a look – all Dems except for one.

Listen to Virmani himself:

He’s got ISSUES…

AFA is on K Mart-Sears Case for selling Kink

In May, the American Family Association asked K Mart Sears (again) to quit selling naastaaaaay PORN and bestiality books on its websites, and it appeared that the foundering retailer was receptive to the idea.
After checking up on the progress, the AFA has found that K Mart Sears has persisted in selling the smut. The evidence can be found here, under the KINK LINK. Be advised that though this page is censored, it’s still not where you want the kiddies to go.

Pharmer has more personal and pro-life reasons to boycott K Mart Sears, ever since 12/19/96, but pressuring them to quit selling porn is another good reason.

The AFA suggests the following actions:

“Call Sears’ corporate headquarters directly and urge Chairman Edward Lampert to keep his company’s word to stop selling pornography. The number is 847-286-2500.”

“Additional steps you can take to make your voice heard:
1. Send an email in your own words using Sears’ website feedback form.
2. Make a call to the Sears Public Relations Department at 847-286-8371, option 1.
3. Call your local store manager and politely ask him to pass your concern along to his district manager. You can find your local store phone number here, or in your local yellow pages.”

PepsiCo Halts Use of Embryonic Stem Cell Technology in Flavor Testing by Senomyx

PepsiCo has taken steps to alter its policies concerning the flavor testing company which uses embryonic stem cell derived technology for its procedures.

The result of a general boycott of Pepsi products by pro-lifers is a statement by PepsiCo’s VP of Global Public Policy, sent to COGforlife. “Senomyx will not use HEK cells or any other tissues or cell lines derived from human embryos or fetuses for research performed on behalf of PepsiCo.”

See PepsiCo’s new Responsible Research Statement HERE.

Click the COG for life website for more info.

It’s OK for Pharmer to buy Pepsi products again.