AFA is on K Mart-Sears Case for selling Kink

In May, the American Family Association asked K Mart Sears (again) to quit selling naastaaaaay PORN and bestiality books on its websites, and it appeared that the foundering retailer was receptive to the idea.
After checking up on the progress, the AFA has found that K Mart Sears has persisted in selling the smut. The evidence can be found here, under the KINK LINK. Be advised that though this page is censored, it’s still not where you want the kiddies to go.

Pharmer has more personal and pro-life reasons to boycott K Mart Sears, ever since 12/19/96, but pressuring them to quit selling porn is another good reason.

The AFA suggests the following actions:

“Call Sears’ corporate headquarters directly and urge Chairman Edward Lampert to keep his company’s word to stop selling pornography. The number is 847-286-2500.”

“Additional steps you can take to make your voice heard:
1. Send an email in your own words using Sears’ website feedback form.
2. Make a call to the Sears Public Relations Department at 847-286-8371, option 1.
3. Call your local store manager and politely ask him to pass your concern along to his district manager. You can find your local store phone number here, or in your local yellow pages.”