Taxing the “Rich” is Like Peeing into a Fan

The majority of people have envy of those who succeed in the financial world, to the extent that they would harm themselves in order to bring the “rich” people down a notch or ten.
This envy is utilized by the leftists in government to divide and conquer the people, and gather more power and influence for themselves.
Some people don’t realize that whenever taxes are raised on the “rich”, people in the middle and lower financial strata wind up paying the cost.
The truly rich people have the means to almost completely avoid the burden of taxes. They will pass the cost to the consumers of their products and services, streamline employment, and try to pay politicians to grant them exceptions. If these steps are insufficient, they simply move their money, their businesses, and themselves out of the country as the need arises.
Those who are not extremely rich, are more likely to suffer some harm from the tax burden, but they will shield themselves as long as they can. They will cut employment, cut costs, raise prices, perhaps move to another state, or close their business in an effort to preserve capital.
The smallest businesses will do the same, raise prices, and cut employment, and if the taxation becomes too burdensome, they will close down.

Note that in all cases, the business owners will pass the cost of taxation on to the consumers of their products. (If you are a leftist, read it again: the “RICH” business owners will pass the cost of taxation on to the consumers of their products. THAT IS YOU.)
Wanting the government to tax the rich is like peeing into a fan that is pointing back at YOU. It has increased the price on almost all of your necessities, and it has cut jobs!


If you dislike a particular business or rich person, you can boycott. That will not affect your finances to the extent that telling the government to tax the rich does.

Yes boycotts work. Pharmer has joined boycotts of businesses and charities which are known for supporting abortion, and many of these boycotts have been effective in stopping the funding. Unfortunately Obama and the federal government have made up the shortfall. It also appears that Obama has made up the shortfall to Wall Street by printing money and propping up the corporations which lefties purport to hate.
Perhaps Obama should be boycotted!

Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here « CBS Detroit

Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here « CBS Detroit.

Comcast is a big owner of NBC, and a cable service giant in the United States. Being leftie owned, it is refusing advertisements from firearms manufacturers as a matter of policy. Looking for self consistency from them would be futile. They will continue to pump ads for more dangerous things into people’s homes, and programming containing gratuitous violence of all kinds including that involving firearms.

It is noteworthy that firearms manufacturers are selling guns faster than they can make them, so perhaps advertising is less crucial than in the past. This step by Comcast might not be as significant as they think it is.

Still it is worthwhile for Second Amendment supporters to consider boycotting Comcast, changing cable providers, going to internet sources of entertainment, getting satellite or DSL as an internet provider, etc.

Pope Calls Out Catholic Charities for Promoting Abortion, Contraception

Pope Calls Out Catholic Charities for Promoting Abortion, Contraception.

This directive is coming from the top. The Pope Benedict  himself is directing Catholic affiliated charities  to stop funding abortionists and promoters of this and other activities which are directly against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

This further validates the  boycott against the Catholic Campaign for Human Development by Catholics who are concerned about the manner in which their charitable funds are being spent.

This directive also has practical application to individual Catholics to direct their charitable activities and giving wisely.

The faithful  might also pay particular attention to the charitable outreaches being pitched to the students in the religious affiliated schools.   It always helps to LOOK UP the Organization on the release form that you sign for your child.


AFA is on K Mart-Sears Case for selling Kink

In May, the American Family Association asked K Mart Sears (again) to quit selling naastaaaaay PORN and bestiality books on its websites, and it appeared that the foundering retailer was receptive to the idea.
After checking up on the progress, the AFA has found that K Mart Sears has persisted in selling the smut. The evidence can be found here, under the KINK LINK. Be advised that though this page is censored, it’s still not where you want the kiddies to go.

Pharmer has more personal and pro-life reasons to boycott K Mart Sears, ever since 12/19/96, but pressuring them to quit selling porn is another good reason.

The AFA suggests the following actions:

“Call Sears’ corporate headquarters directly and urge Chairman Edward Lampert to keep his company’s word to stop selling pornography. The number is 847-286-2500.”

“Additional steps you can take to make your voice heard:
1. Send an email in your own words using Sears’ website feedback form.
2. Make a call to the Sears Public Relations Department at 847-286-8371, option 1.
3. Call your local store manager and politely ask him to pass your concern along to his district manager. You can find your local store phone number here, or in your local yellow pages.”

Leftists Lying About Rush’s Sponsors Again

Suddenly the lefties are worried about adultery. This is a new development as they did not consider this behavior to be a disqualifying characteristic for their politicians. They do appear to think it disqualifies radio hosts and their listeners from acceptability, however, if they are conservative. Always the double standard.

Alexandra Petri, claims that Rush has accepted ads for AshleyMadison, (arranges extramarital hookups) and the (sugar daddy site).

For his listeners, Rush explained how radio ads are run. A set of them are national, and arranged by Rush’s show itself. Profit goes directly to them from these ads. The radio affiliates also arrange their own ads independently. Profit from these goes to the radio shows. Most of the ads lost from the latest controversy are local ads, and this happens with each controversy that comes up. The advertisers stick with the stations but move their ads away from his show when he upsets them. Others respond oppositely.
Rush has stated that he doesn’t accept the Ashleymadison or the SeekingArrangement ads. He also asks for the ads, accepted by local affiliates, to be moved away from his shows whenever they become aware of them.

You don’t have to believe Rush himself when he says that he selects his ads with his conservative audience in mind.

The Wrap has obtained comment from CEO Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison:

Indeed, Ashley Madison, the dating service for people looking for love outside their relationships, has offered to fill Limbaugh’s extra ad inventory.

“I’m trying to be the opportunistic entrepreneur that I am,” CEO Noel Biderman told TheWrap. “He’s clearly a controversial figure, one that to date has refused my overtures to advertise on his show.

What’s the chance that Angela Petri will retract her misprepresentation? Not good. Unlike yours truly, who corrects errors of fact when they are brought to light, Angela is a leftist.

Special Note.. regular readers note that Pharmer watches KMart-Sears. This is the company which has had decreasing sales, since KMart bought Sears, and leads the big box retailer failures over the last five years. They bailed on Rush Limbaugh — one more in a long line of bad business decisions. 😉

Seven Companies Which Will Lose Conservative Customers

The following companies have pulled advertising from Rush Limbaugh due to his characterization of 30 year old reproductive “rights” activist, Sharon Fluke, who chose Georgetown University as in institution in need of leftist, statist oversight. She is demanding that the Catholic affiliated institution pay for her birth control.

Quicken Loans
Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Citrix Systems Inc.

These seven companies, and any others who choose to remove advertising from Rush Limbaugh’s show for the same reason, will be boycotted by yours truly, indefinitely.

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Catholic bishops prepare religious liberty fight.

Archbishop Charles Chaput is painting a darker view of America as being unfriendly to Christians in the present and coming years.

Pharmer often heaps “un-praise” on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for cooperating with and supporting the policies of the same corrupt government which intends to bury them, with the recognition that some of the Bishops have always known better.  Archbishop Chaput would be one of those.

AP is describing a bit more recognition among the Bishops that the burial of Christianity in the West is well under way, and the beginnings of their  efforts towards legal protection of religious freedom.

The legal process is very slow, and Pharmer suggests  that adherent Christians might  take a page from the book of the Muslims in making western  governments kow-tow to their wishes.  Christians still wield considerable control over various means of production so that there still remain non-violent options to bend our extremely corrupt government towards respecting religious freedoms.

Such techniques  have been used by the pro-lifers to delay and stop construction and operation of abortion clinics. In recent years planned parenthood has had  to form  shadow companies to have  clinics built, because so  many contractors opt not to do business with them.  Their difficulties are increasing.

Such things could be made to happen to the other leftist individuals and organizations  who are working to strip away our rights to freely practice our own religions.  It should become generally more difficult and expensive for them to get anything accomplished, from new construction to fixing the leak in their toilet.

Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree | Northeast Tarrant | News from For…

Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree | Northeast Tarrant | News from For….

An order from headquarters forced a local bank to remove a  DONATED Christmas tree, because some people were offended.  Perhaps this corporation is adhering to new rules associated with the bank bailout which they accepted. (Yes this is a taxpayer supported business.)

Do you think a boycott by those offended by the impoliteness and hostility of JP Morgan Chase would help???  After all, a business which needs bailout money  is probably already unhealthy and maybe natural selection needs to run its course.

Meanwhile, McDermott and the Dems are invoking the spirit of Christmas in order to trash Republicans for not extending the unemployment benefits. Current law states that new expenditures are to paid for, but the Dems were not willing to use the unspent TARP slush funds to fund their new spending proposal, as the Republicans proposed.

Duh!! The San Diego Decision to Boycott Arizona should be considered “Merely Symbolic”. – San Diego Faces Own Medicine as Arizona Residents Cancel Travel Following Boycott of State.

Those idiots are shocked to see Arizona citizens returning the favor to San Diego by cancelling their flight and hotel tickets and changing their vacation plans.

Pharmer suggests diverting your business away from those  cities which express opposition to states’ rights to protect their own populations from the onslaught of illegal immigration.

Blast from the Past:   presidents who enhanced the deportation of illegals  to increase  JOB prospects for returning servicemen and other Americans are Harry Truman,  Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower.

Read right HERE —  the Obama delegation apologized  to China about the Arizona immigration law.  Wonder why the whole world is laughing at US  now???

Gateway Pundit ponders what would happen if Arizona cuts off electricity which it supplies to California.   So much for LA, San Diego, San Francisco, etc……….