Duh!! The San Diego Decision to Boycott Arizona should be considered “Merely Symbolic”.

FOXNews.com – San Diego Faces Own Medicine as Arizona Residents Cancel Travel Following Boycott of State.

Those idiots are shocked to see Arizona citizens returning the favor to San Diego by cancelling their flight and hotel tickets and changing their vacation plans.

Pharmer suggests diverting your business away from those  cities which express opposition to states’ rights to protect their own populations from the onslaught of illegal immigration.

Blast from the Past:   presidents who enhanced the deportation of illegals  to increase  JOB prospects for returning servicemen and other Americans are Harry Truman,  Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower.

Read right HERE —  the Obama delegation apologized  to China about the Arizona immigration law.  Wonder why the whole world is laughing at US  now???

Gateway Pundit ponders what would happen if Arizona cuts off electricity which it supplies to California.   So much for LA, San Diego, San Francisco, etc……….