Peggy Noonan Warns Tea Party Away From ‘Rage’ In Political Style on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ | Video |

Sez Peggy:

“I think the Tea Party is going to have to look at itself,” Noonan said. “It’s been so helpful to the Republican Party in the past. It saved it by not going third party in 2010, helping the Republicans sweep the House. But the Tea Party style of rage is not one that wins over converts and makes people lean towards them and say, ‘I want to listen to you.’ I think a friendly persuasion has to begin now from the Republican Party to people of the United States.”

via Peggy Noonan Warns Tea Party Away From ‘Rage’ In Political Style on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ | Video |

So… Pharmer wrote back to Peggy:

Ms. Noonan,

With your latest comment on Tea Party “rage” you remain a bipedal argument for a third party.

The Tea Party began as the most orderly, well behaved protest movement in history.  It remains so today as a fastidiously law-abiding grass roots political movement, yet it is constantly dissed by the establishment republicans, who are more concerned with their own positions in Washington DC, than for the U.S. itself.

The rest of us are not insulated from the ill effects of the Obama administration. We can’t hide money offshore, or leave the country in case of disaster, as the sell-outs in Washington can.

Perhaps you’re upset that some of the more conscientious Tea Party members could not stomach another moderate, and quietly stayed home on Nov. 6th. I left the republican party after they threw Akin and Mourdock under the bus, though I did vote to remove Obama. Democrats don’t publicly eat their own as republicans do.

A third party will form when the republicans further turn themselves into democrats in order to pretend that they “care” for people. After the Chinese credit runs out, neither old party will be able to entice voters with government checks.

According to Gallup, immigration is NOT topmost on the list of issues for Hispanic voters. So having the republicans satisfy the democrat need for more voter base will not do any good.  Remember, Reagan tried it, and it didn’t help.

A government that actually “cared” for people would get out of the way and let them prosper.

Look for that third party that you’re helping to form.  Democrats seem to prevail with their rage, lawlessness and general trashy behavior. Maybe a little rage would help the Tea Party ;-). 

Obama’s Willie Horton Moment?

Immigration authorities released man who went on to kill 3 in North Miami – Miami-Dade –

Due to a Moratorium on deportations to Haiti,  burglar Kesler Dufrene was not deported the last time  ICE took custody of him, although an immigration judge had ordered it.     He has since  been linked to Jan 2, 2011 slayings of a 15 year old girl and two other people by DNA and cellphone tracking.    Dufrene committed suicide  just before he was taken by Manatee county deputies after another break in and shooting.  Authorities and relatives of the victims wonder if others were involved in the triple slaying, and most agree that that Ashley Chow, Harlen Peralta, and Israel Rincon would still be alive had Dufrene been deported as scheduled.

If deportations are halted, ICE cannot hold  illegal immigrants in custody longer than six months, due to a pair of Supreme Court rulings on the issue.  Obama had halted deportations to Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake.  The result of that decision could be the topic of  anti-Obama ads, after the style of the Willie Horton ads that plagued  candidate Michael  Dukakis so long ago.

Anti Obama Billboard Removed After Leftie Terrorists Threaten Sign Owner

After violent threats at his business, and then more such calls to his wife from leftie terrorists,  a billboard sign owner removed an anti Obama ad which had displayed in Grand Junction Colorado.

The billboard showed Obama as characters of  issues which his administration has mishandled,  a terrorist, gangster, a mexican bandito, and a homosexual.

The identity of the person who actually created and ran the billboard ad is not given.

Historically leftists hold at least  four top world records for killing those who oppose their views.

Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler………

The Cojones-Caliper – for measuring, that is.

44 – Palin: Obama lacks ‘the cojones’ to tackle immigration.

Plain spoken Palin draws fans  from among the real Americans with her blunt manner of self expression.

Sarah  is not the first one to have questioned the male endowment of the president. James Carville had suggested that Hillary surpassed Obama in this area, and Evan Bayh had referenced the praise for Hillary’s greater ‘testicular fortitude’ given by a steel worker’s union official in Indiana during the Democratic primaries in 2008.   Rush and crew are credited for uncovering those tidbits in a timely manner.  Rush  suggested  blaming  the apparent presidential problem on Rev. Jesse Jackson, who had expressed a desire to perform unauthorized surgery into a live microphone at FOX.

The male hormone output  of the president is  not impressive, and  evidence suggests that the incidental testosterone issued from the adrenals and ovaries  of  the Lady Conservatives is  much  greater.

We suspect that data obtained from vernier caliper measurements  would bring further evidence of the president’s meager endowment, but certainly have no interest in the work of acquisition.

Is there anyone with sufficient curiosity to review and research the correlation of gonad size and testosterone production?  The federal government has funded stranger studies 😉

While pondering the academic possibilities using federal STIMULUS, watch Sarah telling it like it is.

Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law – Yahoo! News

Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law – Yahoo! News.

Arizona’s pathway to the Supreme Court has begun.  This Judicial action will serve to keep immigration at the forefront of election issues.

As we know, the vast majority of Americans support Arizona’s attempt to address the failure of the Federal government to enforce its own immigration laws.   As the main gateway from Mexico,  Arizona has suffered the most socially and economically from ILLEGAL immigration.

Hillary Kisses off Future Presidential Bid

Hillary announces the Obama administration lawsuit against Arizona regarding it’s immigration bill which mirrors the existing federal law, that is not being enforced.

Can Arizona sue the Obama administration for non-compliance with federal law?

Duh!! The San Diego Decision to Boycott Arizona should be considered “Merely Symbolic”. – San Diego Faces Own Medicine as Arizona Residents Cancel Travel Following Boycott of State.

Those idiots are shocked to see Arizona citizens returning the favor to San Diego by cancelling their flight and hotel tickets and changing their vacation plans.

Pharmer suggests diverting your business away from those  cities which express opposition to states’ rights to protect their own populations from the onslaught of illegal immigration.

Blast from the Past:   presidents who enhanced the deportation of illegals  to increase  JOB prospects for returning servicemen and other Americans are Harry Truman,  Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower.

Read right HERE —  the Obama delegation apologized  to China about the Arizona immigration law.  Wonder why the whole world is laughing at US  now???

Gateway Pundit ponders what would happen if Arizona cuts off electricity which it supplies to California.   So much for LA, San Diego, San Francisco, etc……….