Eric Holder Needs To Be Replaced

Holder hasn’t read Arizona law he criticized – Washington Times.

Attorney General Eric Holder was not able to find time to read the very short and succinct Arizona Immigration Law before threatening to file suit.

This is because he, like other lefties, are not embarrassed to comment on issues about which they know Nothing.  The endless list of other examples includes education,   stem cell research, energy policy,   health care,  financial reform, …………

The U.S. immigration policy should be an exchange program to export  those who hate America, and import people who would appreciate living here.

Jan Brewer for President

Pharmer likes a politician with guts……….. so  that’s the reason for the headline.  It should also be known that Pharmer is for increasing the allowable numbers of legal immigrants in the U.S.    But Pharmer opposes the funding and encouragement of criminal trespassers for the sake of garnering more illegal votes for the Democrats.

The Arizona governor has a message for Obama.

Next, take a look at some links to illustrate the problems encountered in Arizona from the failure of the Federal government to do one of its jobs to control the border.

Victims of  Illegal Alien Crime.

A Crime Victims Memorial

A Daily Problem for Arizona Ranchers

2008 Crime in Arizona Report

From Left of Center…….. lib explains that Cinco de Mayo is a Beer Holiday

Viva Cinco De Mayo – ocularnervosa – Open Salon.

If you’d be disbelieving to hear it from the right thinkers………  take it from the other side.  Corona Beer Company inflated a minor date in Mexican history to sell its product in the U.S.

People here in the U.S.  are going nutz,  thinking this is a special day to Mexicans,  but nope………. it’s significant only to those who are well versed in  their history, and they don’t even get a day off work to commemorate Mexico rebuffing an attack from France.

This makes that  action of the Live Oaks School officials  in Morgan Hill, CA, to demand that students remove their American Flag clothing, or go home on Cinco de Mayo  even more ridiculous.

There will be first amendment based lawsuits.

Hard Week for the Dems

Obama takes immigration reform off agenda – Yahoo! News.

It was going to be a two pronged attempt to get more voters for the Dems in November.    Obama has seen that the method of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens is NOT popular with the American people.  So he only has the single prong of hoping that Puerto Rico will want to be a state, and support leftists.

Without action on the part of the government, it is up to Al Sharpton,  Obama’s man in the streets, to convince Hispanic voters that the Dems still  “care” about their issues.

Al Sharpton will continue to paint the Arizona enforcement of existing  immigration law in racial terms,  though Hispanics are a multi racial polyglot, same as the population of the U.S.

Fun boycotts  of Arizona are coming from the leftists.  San Francisco libs  are prominent in threatening to avoid trade and tourism with the desert state.   The best one is coming from  geographically challenged leftists who wants to boycott Arizona tea  (even though the company is headquartered in Brooklyn New York.)

Pay attention to the lack of consideration  our government gives  to the human rights issues of Cubans, for example the most significant doctor and journalist, Guillermo Farinas. What is the big difference between Cubans, whose plight is ignored by  the Dems, and other Hispanics???

CUBAN AMERICANS ARE 90 PERCENT REPUBLICAN VOTERS.  That’s the difference.     Your human rights  issues don’t count if you’re not with the Obama regime.

Now, back to the destruction of the US economy through government regulation of energy sources.    Obama has to do a quick back pedal from his statement about the safety of oil rigs after the spill from BP’s rig  in the Gulf .  (Check out the video from April 2 at Real Clear Politics)

A Swat team is being sent to the oil rig in the gulf………… why ???

Do you suppose there are terrorists or criminals engaging in some criminal operation on that rig?

Do you wonder if Obama can  effect a government take over of BRITISH Petroleum ???  😉