Jan Brewer for President

Pharmer likes a politician with guts……….. so  that’s the reason for the headline.  It should also be known that Pharmer is for increasing the allowable numbers of legal immigrants in the U.S.    But Pharmer opposes the funding and encouragement of criminal trespassers for the sake of garnering more illegal votes for the Democrats.

The Arizona governor has a message for Obama.

Next, take a look at some links to illustrate the problems encountered in Arizona from the failure of the Federal government to do one of its jobs to control the border.

Victims of  Illegal Alien Crime.

A Crime Victims Memorial

A Daily Problem for Arizona Ranchers

2008 Crime in Arizona Report

2 thoughts on “Jan Brewer for President

  1. I want the Federal Government to investigate municipalities, cities, states, taxpayer-based agencies and admonish them on how dare they think they can boycott Arizona on my taxpayer status? What nerve that a municipality or other taxpayer based agency can say they will boycott doing business with another state that is protecting its citizens and their budgets that the federal government refuses to do? A private company may pull this off, but not a municipality. I want them all investigated, but I think I'll have to call in Paul Drake and Della Street for this assignment – – too touchy-feely for the feds!

  2. Unfortunately President Obama has been cheering on the boycotters, while at the same time saying that 'presidents don't boycott'.

    We the People will do the investigating.

    People in Arizona, and their supporters, are personally boycotting those misguided cities as we blog.


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