The Cojones-Caliper – for measuring, that is.

44 – Palin: Obama lacks ‘the cojones’ to tackle immigration.

Plain spoken Palin draws fans  from among the real Americans with her blunt manner of self expression.

Sarah  is not the first one to have questioned the male endowment of the president. James Carville had suggested that Hillary surpassed Obama in this area, and Evan Bayh had referenced the praise for Hillary’s greater ‘testicular fortitude’ given by a steel worker’s union official in Indiana during the Democratic primaries in 2008.   Rush and crew are credited for uncovering those tidbits in a timely manner.  Rush  suggested  blaming  the apparent presidential problem on Rev. Jesse Jackson, who had expressed a desire to perform unauthorized surgery into a live microphone at FOX.

The male hormone output  of the president is  not impressive, and  evidence suggests that the incidental testosterone issued from the adrenals and ovaries  of  the Lady Conservatives is  much  greater.

We suspect that data obtained from vernier caliper measurements  would bring further evidence of the president’s meager endowment, but certainly have no interest in the work of acquisition.

Is there anyone with sufficient curiosity to review and research the correlation of gonad size and testosterone production?  The federal government has funded stranger studies 😉

While pondering the academic possibilities using federal STIMULUS, watch Sarah telling it like it is.

One thought on “The Cojones-Caliper – for measuring, that is.

  1. True, gotta admire Palin for saying whatever comes into her mind.

    However, she is now part left-right paradigm of the “establishment”, when she endorsed the two “elites”, John McAmnesty and Rick Perry, (who only postures on illegals, while supporting their in-state tuition and anti- HB1070, not to mention his huge efforts using eminent domain for the NAU Superhighway), she lost all respect, in my book.

    She’s just another political hack, trying to get her “side” fired up…. she dumped her principles when she endorsed the two RINO’s and showed herself to be just another party hack.

    Also, she just up and quit the job she was elected to do. That tells me enough about her. I actually think she is unstable.

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