Mediaite Tommy Christopher Echoes Worry- His Guy, Rubio, Will Be Palinized

Matt Lewis Says ‘They’ Are Trying To ‘Palinize’ Sen. Marco Rubio | Mediaite.

Tommy Christopher is afraid that the republican hope for 2016, Marco Rubio, will be savaged by the media if he doesn’t know which magic meme of the day to recite when questioned about matters of faith and science.  This is politics in the era of Obamigula.  Of special concern is a GQ interview asking Rubio how old he thinks the Earth is.  Rubio gave a decent answer, mentioning that the age of the earth is in dispute, and that  it has nothing to do with the current economic  problems of the U.S. That’s not magic enough for Christopher.

Journalosts who have zero training or understanding of the scientific method, seem endlessly to bloviate and “redund-iate” on matters of science, thereby lowering the IQ of their readers.
Normal people, to Christopher (not his real name) are those who think that they know how old the earth is by reading a single one of the theories about its age.
A person who has a real training in science would know that the age of the earth is not definitively determined from available evidence, with this being apart from the religious body of creation allegories, parables or metaphors. However, to be “normal” in Christopher’s mind is to accept one possible theory of the earth’s age and declare it to be “fact”.
We have endless other “normal” people, whose intelligence has been attenuated by reading journalostic output, who are ready to gut the world economies, due to a belief in anthropogenic global warming (now called climate change). Fraud after fraud has been perpetrated by global -warming-climatologists, yet the faith of the “normal” remains unshaken.
The idea that stress of violence is not conducive to fertility has been morphed into a mechanism of “sperm killing magic” by the medically illiterate journalost, linked above, and then falsely attributed to Todd Akin. Other journolosts, not criticized above, have actually promulgated the idea that rape is a process which increases fertility, from rape claim data acquired in countries where premarital sex is still bears considerable social stigma. Other  U.S. studies have been  cited, which were carried out  after 1993, when a rape claim would bring medicaid funding for abortion. Such a situation of conditionally funded abortion  has made Illinois rather famous for rape.  (Christopher’s “Normal” people wouldn’t understand the problem with such study designs.)
Christopher joins the chorus of the ignorant, still ripping on Sarah Palin, and earns the undying disrespect of yours truly, who fully understands why Palin might not  want to read their output. She was exposed to training in their methodology of crap-sausage production.
Hurt journalostic feelings is likely the reason why the chorus still has their knives out for Palin.

Alfonzo Rachel: “Told You So”

Pharmer doesn’t mind this “I Told You So”, from ZO since she concurred with his preference of Herman Cain to Mitt Romney.

The republicans are always letting the left choose their candidates, and accepting the resultant losses.

Lefties still burning with Palin Envy

Sarah Palin’s Hollywood Makeover – The Daily Beast.

The latest in hilarity comes from Fashion Beast which carries the latest lie that Palin has become “scary thin” or anorexic.
Palin, shown in the article in skinny jeans, is small boned, and has appropriate body mass. She’s at or near the medically ideal body weight.

Middle aged, Beastie leftists are envying Sarah Palin for having almost a teenage figure (which due to her outdoor lifestyle and attention to physical fitness).

Maybe Pharmer will take a look at Palin’s fitness program, to be available in an upcoming book, but likely won’t follow it closely. Doing martial arts is fun, but running is NOT.

There is an entire Palin photo montage at A Time for Choosing, for those who would like to envy Palin’s fitness from a friendy point of view.

“Apparently President Obama Can’t See Egypt and Libya from his House”

Says Sarah Palin on Facebook.

She commented on the poor response of the administration to attacks on embassys in the Middle East on the anniversary of 911.

Sarah closed with the following blast: “America can’t afford any more “leading from behind” in such a dangerous world. We already know that President Obama likes to “speak softly” to our enemies. If he doesn’t have a “big stick” to carry, maybe it’s time for him to grow one.”

Jerking the Old Media Around

Time’s Steinmetz Grouses About Way Alaska Governor Released Palin E-mails |

Ken Shepherd over at Newsbusters noticed some whining from the old media that Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell dumped Sarah Palin’s emails on them in printed form.

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance !

There’s the suggestion that Parnell did it just to jerk the Palin hating journalists around.    If so, that’s hilarious.

But another reason is that electronic redactions sometimes don’t work.   In various programs you can copy paste a redacted document and the printed stuff under the electronically produced black lines will reappear again.

The Living Remains of Larry the Flynt

Larry Flynt: Freedom fighter, pornographer, monster? – Profiles, People – The Independent.

At age 69,  there’s not much left of the notorious pornographer, Larry the Flynt.

Johann Hari conducted a difficult interview with the semiconscious Flynt for the independent, who was able to recite a long form story of his life, but did not seem to fully understand many questions put to him.

Flynt got some attention in other news venues for his inaccurate evaluation of Trig Palin’s mental state, and hatred towards Sarah expressed during this interview.

Flynt’s own mental problems likely stem from an already legendary  history of childhood abuse and family dysfunction.