Lefties still burning with Palin Envy

Sarah Palin’s Hollywood Makeover – The Daily Beast.

The latest in hilarity comes from Fashion Beast which carries the latest lie that Palin has become “scary thin” or anorexic.
Palin, shown in the article in skinny jeans, is small boned, and has appropriate body mass. She’s at or near the medically ideal body weight.

Middle aged, Beastie leftists are envying Sarah Palin for having almost a teenage figure (which due to her outdoor lifestyle and attention to physical fitness).

Maybe Pharmer will take a look at Palin’s fitness program, to be available in an upcoming book, but likely won’t follow it closely. Doing martial arts is fun, but running is NOT.

There is an entire Palin photo montage at A Time for Choosing, for those who would like to envy Palin’s fitness from a friendy point of view.