In Time for 2nd Debate, Hillary Takes Responsibility for Security at Benghazi

Clinton: I’m responsible for diplomats’ security –

Hillary is taking the blame for the death of U.S. ambassador to Libya in Benghazi, saying that the diplomats’  security is the job of the state department.

This is in tune with Biden and Obama’s attempt to absolve themselves from blame for removing U.S. security from the Libyan embassy, and for refusals to heed requests from ambassador Chris Stevens, who was  killed there.

Prior reports that Stevens was raped before he was killed came from (Lebanon news) which credited the AFP.   The AFP complained to Tayyar  and the news page in Arabic, as well as video claims have been scrubbed from the internet. No one wants credit for initial reports that Stevens was raped before, during or after he was murdered.

The Washington Times is keeping this view of the Google Translated article.  If this link  disappears, notify the Pharmer in comments, because it can be restored.