These Plots Won’t be Called Workplace Violence

It’s too obvious that something else inspires them.   29 year old Omar Mateen  swore allegiance to ISIS, in a call to 911 before he massacred a large portion of the crowd inside an Orlando gay bar. Prior to this time he had been employed as a security guard at a juvenile detention center.  His first wife had accused him of domestic violence, and he had been described as a “known quantity” to the FBI.

Meanwhile another person transporting weapons and explosive substances has been detained in LA.  He claimed to have been headed to the  Gay Pride Festival in West Hollywood.  The name of the second person is being withheld, but it is claimed  that the two incidents are not related.

Updates are taking place on Drudge Report and Breitbart websites if immediate and less massaged news coverage is desired.  CBS has published that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.  The Gateway Pundit had pointed out that there was chatter from ISIS three days ago, predicting attacks on civilians in Florida.

Prayers for the dead, the injured and those grieving the loss of life at this time.   It is hoped that we can formulate a rational response to this act of terrorism, that respects the human right of people to protect themselves from being killed.

NYT Shock: ISIS Using Birth Control and Abortion to Maintain Sex Slave Supply

The shock is that the New York Times would publish the fact that ISIS is using birth control and abortion to maintain their sex slaves in a rape-able state.  It seems that the cultural upsurge of anti-rape sentiment (particularly among younger people) has overcome even the left’s love of abortion!

Why does it take 100 years for leftists to admit what we knew all along?  Birth control and abortion have always been used to keep women as sex toys which are capable of maintaining a comfortable temperature and texture.  Through natural means, women could have much more effectively promoted themselves as valued member of society and advanced their own self determination.

History has been made.  The New York Times has admitted the obvious.

Both domestically and abroad, abortion and birth control have been used to keep women as a permanent underclass at best, and tortured sex slaves at worst.   ISIS has driven the point home in a way so graphic that the most hardened, cynical,  leftist media venue  is unable to ignore it.

The next step is for the the NYT to admit the main reason why the regime is importing all of those children without their parents.

(The New York TImes article, by Rukmini Callimachi, appears in print 3-13-16 in their New York Edition, as ISIS’ System of Rape Relies on Birth Control and is also found online.)

How to Know the Attack on Indiana RFRA has Nothing to do with Civil Rights.

Tim Cook of Apple has been whining about Indiana’s RFRA, but he has been selling his products in countries which have a policy of killing people for being homosexual.  It’s quite blatant.

Google shows 2 Apple stores, a couple of Mac stores and Best Buys in Indiana
Google shows TWO Apple stores, 3 Mac stores and Best Buys within the entire state of   Indiana.


Apple Stores in Tehran There are more Apple stores in Tehran than in the entire state of Indiana.  This might be some kind of favoritism, or perhaps a death wish.  Does Cook fantasize about being snuffed by a big, strong, radical Islamist who thinks homosexual people should not be allowed to live?  That is just too weird, so what else could fuel his oddly inconsistent behavior?

Most likely, Cook will do anything to secure power for the leftists, but he really is playing with fire. Anything could happen to him once the Islamists or the leftists no longer find him useful.

Gay conservatives, and those who respect their right to life, are asking Tim Cook to account for his agenda and his display of apparent hypocrisy. 

Oxford: Reason #6954 Why University Education has Lost Attractiveness

Who would want to fund a young person’s education at Oxford University after hearing that their publishing arm has banned all mention of pigs and pork in future publications. A directive sent out from the publisher to authors directed them to avoid the mention of “Pigs plus sausages or anything else which could be perceived as pork”.

Numerous media outlets in the UK, as well as Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood have called the ban ‘absolute utter nonsense’.  Mahmood noted “when people go too far, that brings the whole discussion into disrepute.”

In other words, cowardly leftists of the Oxford University Press, one cannot even debate whether or not pork should be eaten if one cannot say the words “pig”, “pork”, “ham” or “bacon”.  That’s only one reason why such politically correct claptrap should be met with boycotts and cancelling of alumni donations to Oxford.

Muslims everywhere are likely laughing at the Oxford University crazies.  People contemplating further education should seriously reconsider any thoughts of accepting  injections of stupidity and cowardice at Oxford.

Legitimate Reason to Leave the Catholic Church ??

Magdi Allam made international news when he converted from his Muslim faith to Catholicism on Easter, 2008, at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with Pope Benedict XVI officiating.

Allam now says that he is leaving Catholicism, but will always remain a Christian.  He is upset that the Catholic Church has stood by for the “Islamization” of Europe, which he sees as an affront to Western civilization, and the “fundamental rights of the person”.   He points to the persecution of Christians in the Muslim countries, and  explains that a practice of appeasement will not be effective in stopping the maltreatment.

“I am convinced,” Allam stated, “that Islam is an ideology inherently violent as it has been historically conflictual inside and warlike outside.”

Pharmer does not see all Muslims as being cut from the same cloth, though Allam is certainly correct about the more extreme Islamic groups.  The main difficulty with Islam occurs when it is practiced as a political system, rather than as a religion.  There are those who hold that Islam is inherently a political system.

There are some additional forces driving people from the Catholic Church.  In the U.S.  the Church has been very weak in speaking up for the rights of the unborn, the elderly and disabled, preferring to sell them out for government funding of their charitable and educational interests.   The U.S. Catholic church has also seen fit to place charitable functions and health care into the hands of a very corrupt government.   After doing this, the Bishops then feigned surprise that abortion, birth control coercion, and IPAB death panels were a part of the government health care plan, brought by the most pro-abortion/infanticide president in history.

Yours truly thinks it is plausible that the Catholic leadership in the U.S. knew what was coming all along.  It is observed that the nominally Catholic lawmakers who pushed this abortive health care agenda are still able to publicly partake in the Eucharist.  This serves as an indication that Obamacare, and all the death and destruction it is bringing our way, might  have  been pre-approved by the church leadership in America.

Does it make sense, with this in mind, to follow the example of Magdi Allam?   Pharmer is not taking such a step.   Perhaps it makes more sense to stick with the ideals of the Catholic religion as an ethical system apart from so many current clergy and leaders who not taking it seriously.

Perhaps it also makes more sense to abstain from the Eucharist in the place of Biden, Pelosi, et al, and do penance for having allowed them to govern us.  


Deep Down Inside, Naomi Wolf Has Longed for Strong Males

Feminist, HuffPo Blogger Naomi Wolf in Talks to Join Al Jazeera.

Yes it’s true,  Naomi Wolf, as so  many other old Feministas, is inexorably drawn towards those strong men in the Islamic world.

Pharmer has always felt that the Feminazi’s were sorely missing the image of a strong man in their lives, from childhood onward, and this led to their frustration and extremism.   Naomi Wolf has, from time to time, popped up with indications of this frustration.

Her move to Al Jazeera is ZERO surprise to the this blogger, who is expecting more changes in Naomi’s external demeanor and attire.   😉

The grrls will have  to get used to the idea that in Islam, recreational abortion is frowned upon, and those strong men are the ones who dictate when and how the birth control is accomplished.

Islamic Preacher Pays Fine, is Released from Jail after Raping, Torturing and Killing Daughter

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a popular Islamic preacher and television guest,  doubted the virginity of his 5 year old daughter.  This is the claimed excuse for raping, torturing and killing her.

Lamia al-Ghamdi  (or Lama) was admitted to the hospital on Dec 25, 2011, with multiple injuries including a crushed skull, broken back,  and indications that she had been “raped everywhere”.  There was an attempt to burn her rectum shut.  She died on the following Oct 22nd.

The father served a short time in jail, but was released upon paying a fine,200,000 riyals ($50,000 US) of  blood money, to the nearest kin.  Activists in Saudi Arabia are protesting the light sentence.

Lamia’s death is said to serve as punishment, and this justified the light sentence for her father.   Islamic law does not permit execution for a male who murders his children or wife.

The scary thought is if  al Ghamdi has a wife or wives remaining with him.

“The women’s rights activist Manal al-Sharif and others issued a press release on Feb 2, and launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtags #AnaLama (Arabic for “I am Lama”) and #IamLama, demanding legislation criminalizing violence against women and children.”

In Time for 2nd Debate, Hillary Takes Responsibility for Security at Benghazi

Clinton: I’m responsible for diplomats’ security –

Hillary is taking the blame for the death of U.S. ambassador to Libya in Benghazi, saying that the diplomats’  security is the job of the state department.

This is in tune with Biden and Obama’s attempt to absolve themselves from blame for removing U.S. security from the Libyan embassy, and for refusals to heed requests from ambassador Chris Stevens, who was  killed there.

Prior reports that Stevens was raped before he was killed came from (Lebanon news) which credited the AFP.   The AFP complained to Tayyar  and the news page in Arabic, as well as video claims have been scrubbed from the internet. No one wants credit for initial reports that Stevens was raped before, during or after he was murdered.

The Washington Times is keeping this view of the Google Translated article.  If this link  disappears, notify the Pharmer in comments, because it can be restored.


Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars To Obama Campaign

Freedom of speech has a high price tag during the Obama administration.

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars To Obama Campaign.

This highly clickable article by John Nolte highlights what netizens could surmise: that an almost unknown film that had been on YouTube for months, could not have suddenly touched off the 911-associated attacks on U.S. embassies around the world. It was much more likely that Obama had caused offense by repeatedly spiking the ball regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden, and particularly by doing it again at the democrat national convention.

Nolte points out that the little California film maker forgot to pay off the ObamaPAC fund raising machine. His competitor, Bill Maher, who skewered the Muslim faith in his film Religulous, has been exempt from blame by the administration. His film is better known, with much wider circulation. But Maher paid a million dollars to the Dems, so he’s exempt from blame for the current sad state of our foreign relations in the Muslim world.

In response to the claims that films cause terrorism, John Nolte is now demanding that the Obama administration get Sony to stop the release of Zero DarkThirty, the upcoming movie that celebrates the killing of bin Laden.

U.S. Foreign Policy In Middle East is Decidedly Anti-Christian.

Michael Carl explains the travails of Christians in the Middle East under the Muslim Brotherhood and various Jihadist movements which have taken power after the “Arab Spring”. U.S. foreign policy has been to support these movements, under which Christians are being persecuted and killed.
The future looks very bleak for Christians in Syria, Egypt and Libya under the Muslim brotherhood.

Jesus to America: ‘Why do you persecute me?’.