Oxford: Reason #6954 Why University Education has Lost Attractiveness

Who would want to fund a young person’s education at Oxford University after hearing that their publishing arm has banned all mention of pigs and pork in future publications. A directive sent out from the publisher to authors directed them to avoid the mention of “Pigs plus sausages or anything else which could be perceived as pork”.

Numerous media outlets in the UK, as well as Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood have called the ban ‘absolute utter nonsense’.  Mahmood noted “when people go too far, that brings the whole discussion into disrepute.”

In other words, cowardly leftists of the Oxford University Press, one cannot even debate whether or not pork should be eaten if one cannot say the words “pig”, “pork”, “ham” or “bacon”.  That’s only one reason why such politically correct claptrap should be met with boycotts and cancelling of alumni donations to Oxford.

Muslims everywhere are likely laughing at the Oxford University crazies.  People contemplating further education should seriously reconsider any thoughts of accepting  injections of stupidity and cowardice at Oxford.

4 thoughts on “Oxford: Reason #6954 Why University Education has Lost Attractiveness

  1. Its not a good news that Universities have lost the attractivenss due to a lot of reasons. Students like to spend more time outside the University instead of inside the university. You wrote a lot of reasons which behind it. Now i like to added one more reason that University administration don't organized Sports and other non-education activities in the university.

  2. You wrote some valid reasons to losing the attractivness of University Education. We should work on these reasons to revail the attractiveness of University Education. Above person said right that Unversity don't have enough source to take part in different non educational activities. Therefore, they like to spend more time out the University. Actually, I'm finding professional resume because only that person help me to write a impressive resume. I have some question and hope that person have answers of my questions.

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