There Will Be No Transmission Talk at University of Minnesota

Did you know that someone might call the police on you if you say

on the air during your radio show?

That’s what happened to the hosts of the “Deplorable Radio” show on KUMM, which broadcasts out of University of Minnesota, Morris campus.

Except they were talking about a different type of tranny.  So the student station manager came in with a university police officer and allegedly lied to them about being in violation of FCC rules for using that word to refer to a person who is changing gender.  There are no rules governing the use of that word (yet).    Lately the University official has been trying to think of other reasons why she booted the students from their radio show, since the originally stated reason doesn’t exist.  It’s more political control being exercised at the University level.  The two students intend to fight the proceedings.  Learn more at the College Fix.

Loonie Students Join Leftist Rent-a-Mobs to Agitate at College Campuses

The latest media meme is that students all across the U.S. are whining about racism, and demanding that they be excused from paying off their student loans, and that tuition should be free.

One of the reasons for a relative lack of photography at these protest events is that rent-a-mob members (hired by leftist political groups) could be identified.

Any actual students participating in these protests should be on notice that we know them for what they are:  little mooching pigs demanding that tax payers, who could never afford college education for themselves, fully fund their “free” ride.

Oxford: Reason #6954 Why University Education has Lost Attractiveness

Who would want to fund a young person’s education at Oxford University after hearing that their publishing arm has banned all mention of pigs and pork in future publications. A directive sent out from the publisher to authors directed them to avoid the mention of “Pigs plus sausages or anything else which could be perceived as pork”.

Numerous media outlets in the UK, as well as Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood have called the ban ‘absolute utter nonsense’.  Mahmood noted “when people go too far, that brings the whole discussion into disrepute.”

In other words, cowardly leftists of the Oxford University Press, one cannot even debate whether or not pork should be eaten if one cannot say the words “pig”, “pork”, “ham” or “bacon”.  That’s only one reason why such politically correct claptrap should be met with boycotts and cancelling of alumni donations to Oxford.

Muslims everywhere are likely laughing at the Oxford University crazies.  People contemplating further education should seriously reconsider any thoughts of accepting  injections of stupidity and cowardice at Oxford.

Calling on Evangelical Atheists to Do Something

Around Christmas time, activity of the evangelical atheists seems to pick up a bit more.  This might be an artifact of media coverage, but we tend to see some atheists objecting to outward displays of theistic faith, and others celebrating their own intellect by trying to drive the square vehicle of scientific method into the circular gateway of spiritual matters.

This Christmas, Thomas D Williams has brought “professional atheist” John G. Messerly to the loving attention of your friendly Pharmer.  Messerly is railing against religion as vulgar superstition, delusion, and states that humanity needs to outgrow this spiritual impetus that fueled the building of Western and Eastern civilizations.

We might decide to emulate Dr. Messerly, who has built………. ummmmm some books and some articles, and memberships in cool secular think tanks.  His contributions to civilization might out weigh those of the astounding, atheist biologist P. Z.  (has he published peer reviewed scientific research lately?) Myers. But if we did follow after these leaders of thought, what would get accomplished?

Academia, under the rule of the left has pumped out prodigious numbers of underachievers, who spend a great deal of time celebrating their own intellect, but very little time building things which could advance the human condition, or that of planet Earth.

Atheist evangelists can’t seem to let go of the Creator, who has them by the tail , or is the handle within their DNA?  That’s the Pharmer theory.

If an Atheist evangelist is messing with your religious expressions and celebrations, ask him what has he done lately.   Has he invented or constructed or created anything? Does he serve the needs of his fellow humans in any concrete way?  Has he discovered some new nugget of knowledge which could advance the condition of  mankind?

Wish him God’s blessings and a REAL JOB.

Masters of the Obvious Discover “Babies Show Racial Bias”

Wow, CBS Seattle is excited over new Ground Breaking Research.

If you need to learn human instinct, just follow the researchers at the University of Washinton. They have DISCOVERED that babies show racial bias.  <–Read how these crack academicians are spending their resources.

Who was tapped to fund this “study” to confirm the obvious? The article cites a “Grant” from Wake Forest University.  (Does this mean that it comes from tax dollars??)  

Humans are tribal and of course babies would have an inherent bias towards people who look more like their mama. That would be inherent to a survival instinct, particularly during their extremely dependent stage of development.

Stupid Educator Trick: Western Washington U Striving to Become Less White

University calls the amount of white people on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to have fewer.

Races of people gradually ‘melt together’ and become Brown, whenever they mix in the same locale.  The race batting lefties have  bent over backwards to halt this natural process.

Racism and bigotry is on the rise as the left pursues its agenda to divide and conquer America.  The latest example comes from Western Washington University, where its President, Bruce Shepard, Stupid Educator Trick personified, is pushing to make the university less White.

The problem always has been how to keep minorities in the college system after freshman year.  More minority students  have trouble with being raised up, and attending  school in ‘war zones’, and missing out on the educational material necessary to succeed in college.

The usual stupid educator tricks involve closing the best urban schools (as Obama did in Washington DC), giving affirmative action admissions to minorities in college, and dumbing down the curriculum to make up for declining quality of early education. The latter two jobs being eagerly pursued at Western Washington University, which is openly looking for more ways to make the school “less white”.  It’s a recipe for American failure, just as the lefties intended.

Universities would have naturally become less White, without any affirmative action or dumbing down of curriculum, had the left not had such strong programs of 1) encouraging people not to work for a living, and 2) aborting minority babies at rates so much higher than whites.

Can we name a single human endeavor that the lefties have not screwed up?

Stupid Educator Trick: Weird Sex Ed in Switzerland

Graphic ‘Sex Box’ for Swiss Kindergartners has Genitalia to Teach Kids that Sex is Pleasurable |

Two of the possible reasons that schools in Switzerland might have adopted the sex indoctrination program (story linked above) are given below.

1) Swiss lefties have so lost cerebral cortical activity that they believe their offspring have to be taught how to play with themselves.

2) Swiss leftists feel more comfortable having sex with young children, and wish to formally prepare the kids for the interactions in kindergarten.

Click that link if you have a strong stomach, and see if you can come up with more possible motivations for this toxic weirdness.

Kids in Danger of Contracting Stupidity from Educators in Virginia Beach City

The “educators” at Virginia Beach City Public Schools present a possibly serious hazard to children with whom they come in contact. Pharmer bestows on the administrators of Bayside Middle School, the Brown Pile, Stupid Educator Award for expelling sixth grader, Adrionna Harris.  Why?  Because she told them that she took a razor blade away from a fellow student who was CUTTING himself with it, and she immediately threw it away.

Yep, there is zero tolerance for handling a razor blade long enough to pitch it, whether saving another person from harm or not.

Fortunately Adrionna has not been made stupid, by her “educators” even though they punished her for acting judiciously to save another student from himself.   She says that she would do the same thing again, despite the punishment.  Hopefully she will continue to resist the efforts of her school to change her into a mindless automaton.  Her family wants to address the problems with the zero tolerance policy so that such bad judgment on the part of administrators does not adversely affect other students who choose to do the right thing.

Massive negative attention from the public and a television station has finally caused the school administration to rescind the expulsion.  There are continuing efforts to make sure that any negativity associated with this incident is expunged from Adrionna’s record.

Parents need to be alert to the idiocy fostered at so many of the schools, and work to undo the damage inflicted by the current crop of air heads who propagate the mindless, “zero tolerance” policies.

Fetophobia at Branford High School

IT appears that Branford High School principal, Lee Panagoulias has  Fetophobia, an  irrational fear of human developmental biology.  That’s what seems to have caused his refusal to permit pro-life students to display life sized models of human fetuses during the school’s lunch hour.  (An alternate diagnostic theory is PASD, post abortive stress disorder.)  Setting up the fetus models to be displayed during lunch hour has been deemed too controversial a topic to be discussed at a public school.   Read more below.

Pro-Life High School Group Says Principal Banned Them From Using Life-Sized Fetus Models « CBS Connecticut.

School Firedrill Forces Freshman in Swimsuit Out into Frozen Wasteland

“Minnesota School Freezes Live Student”, says National Review.

After a couple of generations of lefties controlling public schools, students are taught to be sheep by educators who were taught to be sheep.  Natural selection will not be kind.

Winter temperatures regularly dip below zero degrees F in Minnesota, but human adaptation to this appears to be incomplete.  When  Como Park High School in St. Paul  experienced an unplanned  fire drill, 14 year old Kayona Hagen-Tietz was forced to stand outside for 10 minutes in a wet bathing suit.  Yes, it is bad news to jump from the swimming pool and stand outside barefoot in the winter.  (A teacher had apparently prevented her from retrieving her clothes). Como Park has rules, so students can’t jump into a teacher’s car to stay warm, and Kayona was not permitted to run to the nearby elementary school.  Fortunately some students gave her a sweatshirt for her feet and huddled around her.   A teacher gave her a jacket. They had to seek special permission to let Kayona sit in a car until the fire drill was over.

That  unfortunately took too long.  Kayona now has frostbite, and her mother comments that she would be legally penalized for treating her child as the school did.