Fetophobia at Branford High School

IT appears that Branford High School principal, Lee Panagoulias has  Fetophobia, an  irrational fear of human developmental biology.  That’s what seems to have caused his refusal to permit pro-life students to display life sized models of human fetuses during the school’s lunch hour.  (An alternate diagnostic theory is PASD, post abortive stress disorder.)  Setting up the fetus models to be displayed during lunch hour has been deemed too controversial a topic to be discussed at a public school.   Read more below.

Pro-Life High School Group Says Principal Banned Them From Using Life-Sized Fetus Models « CBS Connecticut.

3 thoughts on “Fetophobia at Branford High School

  1. If it works, I'm expecting that whackjob who assaulted the 16 year old at UCSB, "Professor" Mireille Miller-Young, to try to use the same excuse.
    These people are such scum.

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