Kids in Danger of Contracting Stupidity from Educators in Virginia Beach City

The “educators” at Virginia Beach City Public Schools present a possibly serious hazard to children with whom they come in contact. Pharmer bestows on the administrators of Bayside Middle School, the Brown Pile, Stupid Educator Award for expelling sixth grader, Adrionna Harris.  Why?  Because she told them that she took a razor blade away from a fellow student who was CUTTING himself with it, and she immediately threw it away.

Yep, there is zero tolerance for handling a razor blade long enough to pitch it, whether saving another person from harm or not.

Fortunately Adrionna has not been made stupid, by her “educators” even though they punished her for acting judiciously to save another student from himself.   She says that she would do the same thing again, despite the punishment.  Hopefully she will continue to resist the efforts of her school to change her into a mindless automaton.  Her family wants to address the problems with the zero tolerance policy so that such bad judgment on the part of administrators does not adversely affect other students who choose to do the right thing.

Massive negative attention from the public and a television station has finally caused the school administration to rescind the expulsion.  There are continuing efforts to make sure that any negativity associated with this incident is expunged from Adrionna’s record.

Parents need to be alert to the idiocy fostered at so many of the schools, and work to undo the damage inflicted by the current crop of air heads who propagate the mindless, “zero tolerance” policies.

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