Deep Down Inside, Naomi Wolf Has Longed for Strong Males

Feminist, HuffPo Blogger Naomi Wolf in Talks to Join Al Jazeera.

Yes it’s true,  Naomi Wolf, as so  many other old Feministas, is inexorably drawn towards those strong men in the Islamic world.

Pharmer has always felt that the Feminazi’s were sorely missing the image of a strong man in their lives, from childhood onward, and this led to their frustration and extremism.   Naomi Wolf has, from time to time, popped up with indications of this frustration.

Her move to Al Jazeera is ZERO surprise to the this blogger, who is expecting more changes in Naomi’s external demeanor and attire.   😉

The grrls will have  to get used to the idea that in Islam, recreational abortion is frowned upon, and those strong men are the ones who dictate when and how the birth control is accomplished.